1000 Ways To Die Wiki

The 1000 Ways to Die comic, originally called Spike TV's 1000 Ways to Die, is a comic made by David Seidman, Neo Edmund, Chuck Brown, Ralph Tedesco, and Patrick Sand. It was published by Zenescope Entertainment on Febuary 21, 2012.

Deaths included

It states that it includes never seen before deaths as well as already seen deaths with some differences. The deaths included are the following:

Known Differences

  • Tongue Tied: Mike is on the right side while Jade is on the left. The segment has it the other way around.
  • Titty Titty Bang Bang: Connie wears a purple shirt and sits in the middle of the plane.
  • Super Zero: Andy is dressed similar to Superman.
  • Caulk Blocked: Tina wears a pink tank top and short jeans and Lil Ron doesn't have a capped hat or shades.
  • Bot-ily Harm: Instead of a small horizontal spinner bot, Alex has a large saw bot named Beaver.