1000 Ways To Die Wiki

"WARNING: The deaths, which are real and extremely graphic, portrayed in this show are based on tragic scenarios, from movies and make-up deaths."
"Names, which in some episode segments, have been changed to protect the identities of the deceased."
"Do not attempt to try ANY kinds of horrified actions depicted."
"OR ELSE YOU'LL DIE!" (the word "DIE" reverberates ominously).

NOTE: Death segments have never been the same. Also, these bad words are very dangerous on some segments and some details.

"1000 Ways to Die" -- Segments 101 - 200

Death # "Event" Name Taken from Circumstances of Death
101 Weenie Roast Dead on Dead -- Segment 1 On July 20, 2001, in Climax, KS. A group of men and women on a camping trip after spending the day at a Christian retreat play truth or dare. A man is dared by one of the women to urinate on an electric fence. The man declines, though another man follows through with the dare and is electrocuted when his urine makes contact with the fence.
102 Dead Weight (aka Heavy Weightlifter) Gratefully Dead -- Segment 3 On March 9, 2002, in Newton, MA. A drunk weightlifter makes a bet with his workout partner that he can lift a 350 pound I-beam he found at a construction site, but ends up dropping it on his chest after losing his grip, crushing his windpipe.
103 Work of Fart (aka Work of Flatuence) Death Bites! -- Segment 2 On March 5, 2005, in Boston, MA. To prepare for a fraternity farting contest, a college student hires a flatulence trainer known for his unconventional methods. The trainer applies a lit blow torch to the student's pigtail and is killed when the student's gases set him on fire.
104 ? ? ?
105 French Fried Death Bites! -- Segment 5 On December 23, 1988, in Milwaukee, WI. A French maid performs for a dying elderly millionaire in bed who is hooked up to a respirator to bring oxygen into his body. The maid plugs Christmas lights in and wraps them around herself, which causes the house's circuits to overload and the power to go out. The respirator stops operating, and the man dies from lack of oxygen.
106 Super Zero (aka From Hero to Zero) Wild Wild Death -- Segment 2 On May 24, 2008, in Cleveland, OH. A nerd takes to dressing up as a superhero to fight minor crime in his town, but ends up harassing the so-called perpetrators. Finding some teenaged marijuana smokers on a rooftop, he shocks one with a cattle prod, but then retreats when the others advance toward him to defend their friend. He trips on his cape and falls over the edge, sustaining fatal skull and chest fractures when he hits the ground.
107 Cop Out (aka Maniac Cop) Locked and Low Dead -- Segment 4 On April 30, 2007, in Little Rock, AR. A corrupt cop is sent to supervise teens doing community service and washing away graffiti. The bored cop decides to get high off of their paint thinner, and emerges from his car in a delusional rage, pointing his gun at the teens. When he drops it and goes to pick it up, the gun goes off, blasting into his brains and killing him.
108 Exhaustdead You're Dead! LOL! -- Segment 5 On October 19, 1995, in Orlando, FL. A woman secretly dates another man to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend. When the ex finds out, he drives to the restaurant where the woman is meeting the other man and plans to pelt them with his paintball gun. He backs his car against a pile of trash, which blocks the exhaust pipe. The exhaust comes out through the air conditioning vents, and he eventually dies when high levels of carbon monoxide fill his car and poison him.
109 Heart Beat Down (aka Heart Shocker!) Grave Decisions -- Segment 4 On May 15, 1954, in Bay City, MI. A convicted murderer confined to a mental hospital is given electroshock therapy. He fakes being catatonic in order to take a nurse hostage and try to escape. While climbing the boundary fence, he suffers a fatal heart attack caused by a change in cardiac rhythm due to his own treatment.
110 Blades of Gory (aka Hockey of Horror) Up With Death -- Segment 6 On January 18, 2009, in Halifax, Canada. A one-time hockey prospect playing in a city league gets into a fight with an opponent during a game and pushes him on the ice. As the opponent falls, his ice skate slashes across his aggressor's throat, severing the carotid artery and killing him from excessive blood loss.
111 Back Broke Mountain (aka Tumble Down the Mountain) Come On, Get Deathy -- Segment 3 On October 29, 2003, in Los Angeles, CA. An unhappily married couple preparing for divorce go for a walk near a cliff. The husband plans on killing his wife to collect her insurance by taking a picture of themselves with his phone and then shoving her over the edge. As they are about to take the photo and he tries to shove her, she tries to fight him off in self-defense. The ensuing tussle leads to the husband's plan backfiring on him as she accidentally tosses the husband off the cliff. He breaks many of his bones and dies.
112 Fur Burger Hard Lives, Easy Deaths -- Segment 5 In the 2nd century, one method of execution was wrapping the victim in freshly killed animal skins, tying him to a tree, and leaving him to be eaten alive by whatever carnivores happened to be in the area (a flock of vultures in this case).
113 Tanks For Nothing (aka A Snake in a Tank) Come On, Get Deathy -- Segment 1 On December 7, 2006, in St. Augustine, FL. While a devout Buddhist woman meditates inside a sensory deprivation tank, a Florida water moccasin slithers into the tank because of its warmth and bites the woman, leaving her to die from its venom.
114 Vegged Out (aka Vegetable Strikes) Putting a Happy Face on Death -- Segment 7 On August 13, 2004, in Naperville, IL. After landing a date with a bicyclist, a gardener picks a zucchini as an aid on which to practice fellatio. While walking around with the vegetable in her mouth, she steps on the blade of a hoe. This forces the hoe's stick upwards and it hits the zucchini, which lodges in the gardener's throat and chokes her to death, which means asphyxiated.
115 Lady & The Trampled (aka Lady 'n' The Trampled) You're Dead! LOL! -- Segment 7 On August 19, 2001, in Sturgis, SD. A drunken, misogynistic biker pulls off a female dancer's top at a bar during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and another dancer in the troupe defends her friend by knocking him to the ground. The biker is then trampled to death by a group of drunk men who rush to the stage to check out the woman who had just been stripped.
116 Shanks for the Memories (aka Par for the Coarse) Death Watch -- Segment 6 On June 19, 2009, in Atlanta, GA. A disgruntle, "has-been" golf star and her husband spend their days getting drunk, fighting, and insulting each other at public golf courses. In the middle of a heated argument, the couple loses focus and crashes their golf cart. The cart rolls down a hill, crushing both of them.
117 Gut Busted (aka Ab-Dominated) Death: A User's Manual -- Segment 1 On February 20, 1998, in Naperville, NV. An obese man starts belching constantly while on a date due to numerous peptic ulcers lining his stomach. Thinking the belching is simply due to gas, he asks his date to punch him in the stomach to stop it. Instead, the impact causes his stomach to burst, leaking acid into his abdomen.
118 Blown Job (aka Caffeine of Consequence) Dead to Rights -- Segment 1 On April 21, 2001, in La Jolla, CA. A woman who is addicted to energy drinks attempts to get a promotion at her job, but her sexist (and unbeknownst to her, bisexual) boss will only give her the promotion if she performs fellatio on him. She refuses (despite tolerating his other acts of sexuall harassment) and, in disgust, guzzles down multiple energy drinks. When she sees a new male employee get the promotion by doing what she would not do, she immediately gets angry and furiously confronts her boss. Her anger, combined with extreme amounts of caffeine, causes her to go into cardiac arrest from a caffeine overdose.
119 Tube Snaked (aka Pipe Snake) Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death -- Segment 3 On August 19, 2005, in Topeka, KS. An underwear-clad groupie throws out her struggling musician boyfriend after his record deal falls through and tosses out his clothes, his demo CDs, and his electric guitar. As the man drives away, the woman keeps her boyfriend's pet boa constrictor that almost strangles her to death. The woman successfully escapes its clutches, throws the boa on the grass, and goes back in the house to get drunk. The boa constrictor slithers back through a pipe on the side of the house used in expelling carbon monoxide. The constrictor gets stuck inside, causing a back-up of carbon monoxide, which kills the groupie, who mistakes her carbon monoxide poisoning for alcohol intoxication.
120 Grateful Bed (aka Music Jammed) Come On, Get Deathy -- Segment 4 On November 7, 2008, in Hollywood, CA. A wannabe musician who is about to be evicted evades his incredibly angry landlord by hiding behind his Murphy bed. After the landlord leaves, he finds that he is stuck behind the bed and no one can hear his screams for help due to him soundproofing his apartment with empty egg cartons and he eventually suffocates.
121 Hertz So Good (aka Transformed Attraction) The End is Weird -- Segment 2 On May 17, 2008, in Tarzana, CA. An exhibitionist couple have public sex on top of an old, defective transformer. The man reveals a Prince Albert piercing to his girlfriend, and once it makes contact with the transformer during intercourse, he is electrocuted. The girlfriend is unharmed, as her feet weren't on the ground and all she felt was a mild tingle from her boyfriend getting shocked.
122 Balloon-A-Tic (aka Clown-i-lingus) Cure for the Common Death, Part II -- Segment 7 On July 25, 2009, in Las Vegas, NV. A girl and her friends have a bachelorette party and hire a male stripper who dresses up like a birthday party clown and performs X-rated (NC-17-rated) tricks. During his final act, he performs fellatio on a balloon. When he gets the balloon deep enough, he pops it with his stomach acid, blocking his air passage and choking him to death, which means asphyxiated.
123 Tali-Bombed (aka Time-Out Blast) Death On Arrival -- Segment 4 On April 1, 2005, in Patna, Iraq. Two would-be terrorists plan to blow up a police station with a bomb involving a suitcase filled with Semtex using a GPS timer. They set the timer for one hour from one of their watches, but he forgot to reset it for daylight savings time, causing the bomb to blow up the two men.
124 Bibli-killed (aka E-I-E-I-OUCH!) Dead Wrongs -- Segment 2 On June 6, 2006, in Hancock, IA. Two con artists posing as preachers go around the country handing out Bibles and having sex with their female customers. One day, they end up at a farm, where they attempt to have sex with the farmer's granddaughter. Hearing the commotion, the farmer's wife chases the men with a shotgun. They hide in a grain silo. However, when one of the men uses a lighter to see where they are, he ends up killing himself and his partner by causing a dust explosion.
125 Love Bugged Life Will Kill You -- Segment 5 A reclusive French amateur entomologist and herpetologist is bitten by his black widow spider in a misguided attempt to build an immunity to its venom. Electing to ride out the symptoms of his latrodectism, he suffers a fatal heart attack, knocking over his reptile tanks as he collapses. The released animals then feed on his corpse for two weeks before it is found by police.
126 Game Stopped (aka Game Over) Stupid Is As Death Does -- Segment 5 On October 4, 2008, in Mattituck, NY. A video game addict plays for 60 straight hours trying to take down his opponents and become the highest-ranked player in the world. When his last opponent, a woman, defeats him, he furiously stands up, then drops dead, unaware that his leg veins had formed clots from being sedentary for so long and now the clots had moved into his heart and lungs.
127 Ji-Had It Coming (aka Terrorist Wedding) Dead Before They Know It -- Segment 2 On September 24, 2006, in Afghanistan. An award-winning American reporter denounces her U.S. citizenship, converts to Islam, and marries a Taliban leader. She celebrates by firing off several rounds of an AK-47 into the air during her wedding to fit in with the crowd, but loses control of the gun and dies when one of the bullets hits a metal pitcher and ricochets into her skull, where it bounces inside and causes massive bleeding and immediately fatal wounds.
128 TK Uh-O (aka KO'd) Enter the Ferret -- Segment 3 On September 5, 2009, in Racine, WI. A female boxer uses diuretics to dehydrate herself so she can make bantamweight. When she disqualifies herself for using an illegal move, she hits herself in the head from frustration and ends up dying due to her dehydration shrinking her brain and the force of the punch causing it to rattle and bleed.
129 Lawn of the Dead (aka Death By '70s) Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death -- Segment 1 On May 5, 1978, in Allentown, PA. In the 1970s, a man dies during a barbecue when he gets distracted by a woman flashing her breasts after he threw a lawn dart into the air, which later falls through his skull, piercing his brain, and coming out the bridge of his nose.
130 Deaf Jammed (aka Wind-Owned) If You're Dead – Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to You -- Segment 4 On October 19, 2008, in Detroit, MI. A car thief who targets women gets his windpipe crushed and the blood supply to his brain cut off after his deaf target rolls up her car window with his head still stuck in the window.
131 ? ? ?
132 Cast Offed (aka Boned Redneck) Hurry Up and Die -- Segment 3 On October 3, 1996, in Purvis, MS. While using a log splitter to prepare firewood for upcoming cold weather, a drunk Southern man gets his arm caught in the machine and breaks it. He decides to save money by putting a cast on it himself, but he fails to set the bone properly and makes the cast too tight. When he cuts it off a month later, globules of bone marrow leak into his bloodstream and form a fat embolism in his heart, killing him.
133 Broke-Back Cowboy Death over Easy --

Segment 7

On April 12, 1996, in Red River Ranch Lassen County, California. A Wanna-be Cowboy named Wade wants to be big by becoming an Actor. Being featured in a Commercial for Cigarettes and only riding in the Background made him feel like the next John Wayne. Right after his Agent told him that he did not get a Role as a Filmstar he wants to convince his Agent that he can take care over every Stunt without Problems. His Horse trips over a Rock causing him to fall back on the Ground Head first, transecting his entire Neck.
134 Ghost Busted (aka Haunted Hoax) Tweets From the Dead -- Segment 7 On July 19, 2011, in Ann Arbor, MI. Two men sneak into a haunted former brothel in order to find the spirits of prostitutes and have sex with them. The owner of the building is annoyed by the numerous break-ins, and scares them off by chasing them while wearing a creepy costume. The men run away, with one descending to the ground off the ladder, and the other making a dash for the car. Once the first man descends the ladder, in a panic, he knocks a wrench off the roof and it hits him in the head. He is then run over by his friend escaping with the car.
135 Waste Dead (aka Plank Spanked) It's a Dead, Dead, Dead World -- Segment 5 On September 10, 2010, in North Perkin, IL. A girl and her planking-obsessed dwarf boyfriend stumble upon a playground, which is the perfect place for him to plank. While he poses on one end of the seesaw, a block of blue ice that was dropped from a passing plane lands on the other end and catapults the dwarf up into the air. He lands on the top crossbar of the swing set with enough force to cause fatal internal bleeding in his chest.
136 ? ? ?
137 ? ? ?
138 ? ? ?
139 ? ? ?
140 Bitch Zapped (aka Wild Wife) Waking Up Dead -- Segment 4 / Death By Request -- Segment 8C On June 16, 2001, in Tampa, FL, An extremely shrewish and drunk woman harshly criticizes her long-suffering husband's lawn mowing and, after getting frustrated, decides to finish the job herself to show him how he should do it. The woman runs over the cord to the arc welder of his car and is electrocuted, much to the delight of her husband.
141 Fat Man In A Little Swing (aka Morbidly Deceased) Enter the Ferret -- Segment 2 On October 5, 2002, in Omaha, NE. A drunk, obese man bets his buddies that he can get into a baby swing at a playground. After he strips naked and lubes himself up, he squeezes into the swing, but gets stuck and his buddies leave him in the swing for the night. The man tries to scream for help, but no one comes to his aide. Due to how extremely tight the baby swing is around his waist, the man dies from sepsis due to a ruptured appendix.
142 Snake Du Jour Death Watch -- Segment 7 On August 21, 2001, in San Jose, CA. The head chef of a black market restaurant that serves dangerous and endangered animals is bitten on the cheek by a king cobra that he was attempting to prepare into one of his dishes. The venom of the snake eventually kills him by shutting down his nervous system.
143 Bad Laps (aka Final Heat) Sor-Dead Affair -- Segment 2 On January 6, 2005, in Crystal Lake, IL. A drill sergeant turned swimming instructor for plus-sized women turns the heat up in the pool, much to the anger of his students. The instructor then throws down a challenge: if any of his students can outswim him, then he'll turn down the pool's temperature. Wearing his wetsuit, he jumps in, and after twenty laps, the exhausted trainees finally give up. However, the sergeant dies of hyperthermia caused by his wetsuit trapping the pool's heat and causing his heart to fail.
144 Cross Bown'd (aka Mega-Lo-Millionaire) Think Globally, Die Locally -- Segment 3 On January 15, 2007, in Pittsburgh, PA. A man who just won $78,000,000 from a lottery ticket becomes delusional and paranoid. Along with the butler and the $1000-a-day hookers, the man also buys a crossbow to use against his alleged enemies. In his paranoia, he shoots an arrow at a self-portrait on the wall. When he tries to yank it off the wall, the man is electrocuted by a power line that was located inside the wall where his picture hung.
145 Mary-nated (aka The Mary Mallon Story) Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death -- Segment 5 On March 5, 1908, in Long Island City, NY. A couple who is oblivious to her notorious past and her disease hire Mary Mallon (aka Typhoid Mary) as their cook and die from typhoid fever four weeks later. As for Mary, she got arrested by the police and spent the rest of her life in quarantine. Six years before her death, she was paralyzed by a stroke. On November 11, 1938, aged 69, she died of pneumonia.
146 Belly'd Up Bringing In The Dead -- Segment 2 On June 18, 2001, in Ann Arbor, MI. While practicing for an upcoming competition, a belly dancer wraps a scarf around her neck and throws the tail end of it into the air, where it catches on a moving ceiling fan and strangles her to death, which means asphyxiated.
147 Splat-Formed (aka Dead as Disco) Death, The New Black -- Segment 1 On September 5, 1977, in Harlem, NY. A cocaine dealer, who was also addicted to the drug he sold, goes to a disco to show off his moves and have fun. When he trips in his platform shoes, the spearheaded end of his male symbol necklace pierces his jugular vein, and he bleeds to death faster than normal due to the cocaine and dancing giving him a rapid heartbeat.
148 ? ? ?
149 Dill D'oh! (aka Quite the Pickle) Ready Or Not, Here Comes Death -- Segment 3 On December 5, 2006, in Kansas City, MO. A retired chemistry teacher who was sent to a nursing home by his greedy children who had him declared incapable of caring for himself just so they could get his money does demonstrations for the other residents (despite being reprimanded by a mean-spirited nursing home aide), including one in which he uses a pickle to form a crude light. When the mean nursing home aide grabs the equipment to confiscate it, he completes a circuit that sends an electric shock through his heart and stops it.
150 Coffin Nailed Up With Death -- Segment 4 On January 13, 1989, in Cold Spring, KY. A necrophiliac working in a morgue has sex with a corpse, but forgets to secure the casket it is in before driving it to a funeral home. When a car comes out in front of him, the man makes a sudden stop, which flings the casket forward and hits the driver in the back of the head, severing his brainstem.
151 Crack Piped (aka Tube Much Pressure) Grave Errors -- Segment 3 On January 2, 1903, in Manhattan, NY. Two tunnel-working scam artists, attempting to exploit the pneumatic tubing systems of the early banks, cut one of the tubes and stuff in a block of wood to catch the money capsules. As more capsules back up in the line and pressure builds, they pull the block out, causing the pipe to explode and inflict fatal shrapnel injuries to both men.
152 Photo-Dead-Ick (aka Painted Love) Star Death: The Last Generation -- Segment 4 On September 22, 2004, in New York, NY. An anorexic, cocaine-using supermodel has her entire body painted with latex for a photo shoot. The combination of drug abuse, poor diet, and rising body temperature (due to the latex's preventing her from sweating) causes her to pass out and impale herself through the eye on a lighting post.
153 Rife-Ill (aka Tali-Banned) Crying Over Spilled Blood -- Segment 3 On April 19, 2010, in Khost Province, Afghanistan. A hitman sent to kill a Taliban leader is now the target of a Taliban assassin after the plot was discovered. Armed with a McMillan TAC-50 rifle, the assassin fires, misses, and dies when the bullet ricochets back to hit him.
154 ? ? ?
155 ? ? ?
156 Hard Balled (aka Jock Shocked) Dead Wrongs -- Segment 7 On April 2, 2006, in Durham, NC. A lacrosse player and a bully hurls lacrosse balls at other students to impress some girls. One ball bounces off the wall, and when he is distracted by the most attractive girl at the school walking by, it hits him right in the chest and triggers commotio cordis, causing him to die of arrhythmia.
157 Hydro-Co-Done Dead to Rights -- Segment 5 On July 26, 2003, in Las Vegas, NV. A couple get high in their hot tub after overdosing on painkillers and drinking champagne. The temperature gauge malfunctions, and the temperature of the water rises to the boiling point, but they are both too intoxicated to react and are boiled alive.
158 Myth Busted (aka Tranq-Spanked) Cure for the Common Death, Part II -- Segment 3 On May 3, 2006, in Pierce County, WA. An angry, friendless redneck, living out in the countryside, is constantly annoyed by the people who use a jogging trail on state park land near his property. To scare them off, the man dresses like Bigfoot and harasses them as they pass. One jogger notifies a park ranger, who believes in Bigfoot and shoots the "creature" with a tranquilizer dart meant to be used on large animals. The man soon dies from low blood pressure, as a reaction to etorphine in the tranquilizer.
159 Death of Sum Young Guy (aka All He Could Eat) Fatal Distractions -- Segment 3 On January 19, 2009, in San Diego, CA. A gluttonous man arrives at a Chinese restaurant for an all-you-can-eat restaurant. After already eating at other restaurants (and nearly choking to death at the current restaurant), he suffers a heart attack from the MSG that accumulated in his system from nothing but a steady diet of Chinese buffet food.
160 Tread Marked (aka Tire Straits) It's a Dead, Dead, Dead World -- Segment 3 On March 5, 2006, in Vernal, UT. An outlaw is pulled over by a cop for D.U.I., but wrestles the cop's gun away and prepares to shoot him. Up the road, a junk scavenger finds a truck tire and tries to pull it onto the bed of his pickup. He drops it, and it rolls down the road and knocks the outlaw away; the man dies from multiple injuries sustained during both this hit and his impact with the ground.
161 Pain Saw (aka The Kansas Chainsaw Massacre) Death, The Final Frontier -- Segment 3 On May 28, 2003, in Pratt, KS. A man tries to get the attention of his attractive neighbor by tying a rope to his chainsaw and swinging it over his head. The rope gets tangled and pulls the chainsaw into his neck, partially beheading him, but bleeding him out enough to die of shock.
162 Laced Up Up With Death -- Segment 6 On April 2, 1974, in Tarzana, California. A woman was talking on a wall phone in her kitchen talking to her friend, and during the conversation she started walking around the house until she reached her door, causing the phone cord to get tangled around the house. But this will get stuck in the neck with the phone cord and when you try to leave, the phone cord is forced and the strangle (because you had the door of your house open and having the cable in the handle, forcibly made the door will close), dying asphyxiated, because not enough blood reaches the brain.
163 Drivers Dead (aka Drive Angry) Death: One Size Fits All -- Segment 4 On March 10, 2005, in Charlotte, NC. A very stressed-out and impatient driver's ed teacher flusters one of his students so badly that she steps out of the car and goes to report him to his supervisor. The driver angrily pounds on the steering wheel and accidentally triggers the airbag, which deploys and hits his neck with so much force that his trachea collapses.
164 ? ? ?
165 ? ? ?
166 ? ? ?
167 ? ? ?
168 Written Offed Waking Up Dead -- Segment 6 On April 28, 2009, in Glendale, CA. An immigrant military-store owner who is facing foreclosure is confronted by a banker ready to repossess his business. After the owner signs a contract he throws the banker's pen in anger. The banker demands a new pen, pointing to one in the display case, which is actually a gun that looks like a pen. The owner tries to explain this to the banker, but is ignored. The banker inadvertently aims the gun at himself and shoots himself in the head.
169 Chess Pain (aka End Game) Dying to Tell the Story -- Segment 5 On January 1, 1977, in Leningrad, USSR. A Soviet chess master challenges a chess robot to a match, using a board fitted with electromagnets and metal pieces that respond to the robot's moves. The man sweats profusely under the stress of the game, and when he touches one piece, he is electrocuted due to the board not being properly grounded.
170 ? ? ?
171 Nite Capped (aka Gunfire From the Sky) Dead and Deader -- Segment 3 On December 31, 2003, in Los Angeles, CA. A group of revelers celebrate New Year's Eve by shooting a stray bullet into the air. Unfortunately, the bullet comes back down and hits a man in the shoulder several miles away. The bullet goes through his shoulder and pierces his heart, killing him.
172 Dead-dy Dearest (aka Daddy Deadliest) If You're Dead – Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to You -- Segment 7 On May 25, 1994, in Sandusky, OH. An extremely overprotective father and former Army soldier scares his daughter and her boyfriend by firing a gun at her boyfriend after suspecting that the two are having sex. The father then remorselessly explains to his enraged daughter that the whole thing was a prank and that the gun is loaded with blanks. The man demonstrates by aiming the gun at his head and firing. Ironically, the man dies from getting shot in the head by the force of the blank hitting him in his temple.
173 Leave it to Seizure (aka Great Seizure's Ghost) Wait, Don't Tell Me – You're Dead -- Segment 6 On October 12, 2004, in Boston, MA. A stripper, who pickpockets her customers, has a grand mal seizure while dancing in her cage under the strobe lights. She dies when she bites the tip of her tongue off, swallows, and chokes on it.
174 Dog Dead Afternoon (aka Three Dog Night) That's "Mister Death" To You -- Segment 4 On February 10, 2006, in Little Rock, AK. A dog thief uses a tranquilizer dart on a pit bull. When a security guard shows up, the thief waits for him to leave, but the guard falls asleep. When the guard awakes, the thief tranquilizes him, and the guard falls in front of the gate. Simultaneously, the pitbull awakens and attacks the now trapped thief, crushing his trachea.
175 ? ? ?
176 Tree Mugger Dead on Dead -- Segment 7 On April 7, 2001, in Flathead Forest, MT. A nature enthusiast chains himself to a tree in protest to it being cut down. A grizzly bear shows up and bites into the man's stomach and pulls out his intestines.
177 Jack 'n' Croak'd (aka The Jack Daniel Story) Bringing In The Dead -- Segment 4 On October 10, 1911, in Lynchburg, TN. Whiskey distiller Jack Daniel samples the taste of his family brew and keeps asking his workers to perfect it. He gets drunk in the process, but finally makes the perfect batch. He decides to update his family recipe, which is stored in a safe, but is so drunk that he cannot remember the combination. In a drunken rage, he kicks the safe, and damages his big toe. The cut soon becomes infected, and he dies of sepsis two weeks later.
178 Dead Fella (aka Rico-Chet) Getting A Rise From The Dead -- Segment 5 On September 19, 2004, in Atlantic City, NJ. Two mobsters attempt to kill a third mobster who plans on testifying against them in court. They stand in front of his car at opposite sides and attempt to shoot through the windshield. However, the car has been outfitted with bulletproof glass, and one shooter's bullet ricochets into the other's carotid artery, killing him.
179 Pam Caked! (aka Jeer-Bleeder) Dead Wrongs -- Segment 1 / Death By Request -- Segment 6B On October 19, 2007, in Beaumont, TX. A cruel high school cheerleader captain gets jealous when a new girl joins the cheerleader squad, becomes the new flyer, and dates the quarterback who was previously dating the captain. On homecoming night, just as the girls are about to do the heel stretch formation with the new girl on top, the captain lets her go, and she falls. Before the captain can gloat, she steps in front of the banner and gets trampled by the football team as they run through it, killing her.
180 Suck & Blown (aka Suck and Blow) Killing Them Softly -- Segment 6 On August 24, 2007, in Atlantic City, NJ. Attempting to siphon gas from a car, two men use an industrial vacuum to speed up the process. A spark from the vacuum's electric fan ignites the gas and sets off an explosion that instantly kills them both.
181 Pris-un-done (aka Prison Break) Sor-Dead Affair -- Segment 3 On November 22, 1982, at New Mexico State Penitentiary. A serial killer organizes a riot against the prison guards. He waits for the crowd to move out of the area before holding a guard hostage with a shiv made from a screwdriver. When he gets held up by guards armed with tear gas guns, he threatens them, and they shoot tear gas at him. However, the canister hits the inmate in the neck, collapsing his trachea and killing him.
182 Homie Invasion/Homie's Dead

(aka Homie Invade-Dead)

Star Death: The Last Generation -- Segment 2 On August 16, 2006, in Shallotte, NC. On a hot summer night, a burglar breaks in and begins stealing things from the owners' home. The husband goes to stop the burglar, but gets hit in head with the burglar's baseball bat. The wife tries to revive her husband with CPR, but he doesn't awaken. Just as the story is about the end with the typical "1000 Ways to Die" "Way to Die #" and title screen, the story is rewound to show that the husband did come back to life (as he had a rare condition called Lazarus syndrome in which victims who are supposedly dead are suddenly revived). As the burglar escapes, the husband confronts him. The burglar freaks out over the husband's revival and falls off his rope, dying of a skull fracture from hitting the cobblestone path below the balcony.
183 Namas-Dead (aka Yoga Instruct-Dead) Think Globally, Die Locally -- Segment 4 On June 16, 2010, in Taos, NM. A strict yoga instructor bullies and grosses out her students with her constant flatulence. After a particularly disgusting session, the entire class decides to pack up and leave. In a frenzy, and still stuck with her leg behind her head from one of her yoga positions, she scuttles across the yoga studio, but falls down a flight of stairs and lands facedown in a meditation pool, knocking herself out. While unconscious, she inhales enough water to drown.
184 WW1 and Done (aka D'oh Boy) A New App Called Death -- Segment 2 On June 2, 1916, at The Western Front. A German deserter during World War I prowls through battlefields to steal valuables from dead soldiers. When he gets to the body of a British soldier, he pushes it aside and finds a Jam Tin Grenade, which explodes in his hands and decapitates him.
185 Info-Pain-Ment (aka Fitness of Frenzy) Crying Over Spilled Blood -- Segment 5 On June 6, 2006, in Riverside, CA. A fitness instructor has built a home gym set out of bamboo and is filming a commercial for it. He storms off after the barbell breaks during filming, and the cameramen mock him while playing with the exercise bench. The tension causes one piece to snap, launching a bamboo shard that impales the instructor through the ear and brain.
186 Die-Agra (aka Too Much Medication) Death Bites! -- Segment 7 On November 4, 2001, in Darien, CT. A woman in a failing marriage secretly grinds up three Viagra pills and puts them into her husband's beer in an attempt to "jump start" his sex drive. The man then gets a call from his mistress and takes three more Viagra pills before going to her house. The mistress later drops another three pills into his beer. During sex with his mistress, too much blood rushes to his penis because of the 900 mg overdose of Viagra, depriving his brain of blood and eventually killing him.
187 Eye So Horny (aka Moose on the Loose) Death Certificates -- Segment 6 On August 8, 2001, in Clayton, GA. Two brothers get drunk on their own moonshine and pretend they are in a bullfight. One brother grabs a moose head from the fireplace and charges, but he trips and impales himself through the eye on the antlers of a stuffed deer head.
188 Nun F***ed (aka Bum Chucks) Cure for the Common Death, Part II -- Segment 2 On April 12, 2008, in Natick, MA. An inept martial arts rookie prepares to make a viral video showing off his karate skills in hopes of winning himself a girlfriend. He begins by trying to break boards, bricks and cinder blocks with his head, then starts to twirl nunchucks and accidentally hits himself in the head. The breaking attempts had weakened his skull, and the nunchuck hit fractures it, inflicting fatal brain damage.
189 Poly-Ass-Turd (aka Guru Fire Attack) Eat, Pray Die -- Segment 3 On October 7, 2003, in Twin Falls, ID. A fraudulent self-help guru holds an outdoors seminar for people with low self-confidence, which includes a test in which the patients have to walk over a bed of hot coals. When a patient complains the coals are too hot, the guru attempts to prove them wrong and walk over them himself. However, he falls and is caught ablaze, with his polyester suit melting onto his skin causing fatal burns and dies.
190 Handi-Crapped (aka Arrival Shaft Attack) Death: One Size Fits All -- Segment 1 On July 24, 2001, in Flint, MI. A man in a mobility scooter and a neckbrace bullies other coworkers and regularly threatens to sue his company for causing his injury. One day, one of his coworkers walks in on the man taking off his neckbrace and discovers that he's been faking his injuries. The man chases after his coworker on his mobility scooter to keep her from ratting him out to his boss, but the co-worker loses him in a waiting elevator. The man plows through the elevator doors and ends up falling down the empty elevator shaft, dying of severe bodily trauma.
191 Rhymes With "Rich" (aka Evil Exercise) Death – Putting The "Fun" In "Funeral" -- Segment 2 On November 18, 2007, in Grosse Pointe, MI. A gold-digging personal trainer targets a wealthy businessman who has hired her to help him and his wife stay in shape. After the wife screams at her husband for having an erection from the trainer's seductive ways, the trainer celebrates by practicing her clean and jerk with a 150-pound barbell. However, she lifts it too fast and collapses on a step aerobics platform. The impact from the fall snaps her neck, severing her spinal cord.
192 Paintful Death Death: A User's Manual -- Segment 7 On July 24, 2005, in Avon Estates Mobile, AL. A boxing trainer, who was painting his gym with a paint pressure machine, accidentally shot paint at a strong pressure that caused a wound in his femoral artery, causing him to die.
193 Art Attack (aka Scrap-Nel) Stupid Is As Death Does -- Segment 7 On June 11, 2006, in New York, NY. A pervert posing as a French artist tries to seduce women but gets rejected by one of his targets. In a rage, he punches a "sculpture" he had made from a butterfly bomb, that sends shrapnel into the man's body and kills him.
194 Poker Face (aka Card Blast) Sudden Death -- Segment 2 On September 8, 1938, in Joliet, IL. An inmate on death row receives a deck of playing cards from a friend to use in building a pipe bomb as part of an escape plan. He breaks a metal leg from his bed, packs it with torn-up cards and water, and sets it on his cell's heater. After waiting some time for it to explode, he picks it up only to have it detonate in his hands due to the sudden mixing of the water and the cards' flammable nitrocellulose coating. The prisoner dies from shrapnel injuries to his face.
195 Die Laughing Putting a Happy Face on Death --

Segment 8

On April 5, 2006, in Omaha, Nebraska. Jimmy, a hazardous material removal worker enjoys getting high off nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Jimmy experiments with a gas mask, hooking it up to a tank of nitrous oxide and pumping it full of the stuff. Wanting to take his high to the next level, he dons his Hazmat suit and connects it to the nitrous oxide tank which fills up automatically. After a few minutes of breathing in nothing but laughing gas, he suffocates and dies.

(This death is absent from the US version and can be viewed here)

196 Radium Girls (aka The Radium Girls Story) Cure for the Common Death, Part I -- Segment 4 On January 5, 1920, in Orange, NJ. In the 1920s, a group of women who work at a factory that uses paint containing radium to create fluorescent watch faces notice that the paint also glows when applied to their skin. They eventually expose themselves to huge amounts of radiation after repeated applications (mostly using the radioactive paint as glow-in-the-dark body paint for their lovers during sex). While most of them died from bone cancer, the survivors filed one of the first successful workers' rights lawsuits against the company and won, leading to increased safety standards in American workplaces.
197 Dead Eye (aka Stabblin' by a Javelin) Dead and Deader -- Segment 5 / Death By Request -- Segment 6A On May 15, 1993, in Glendale, CA. A high school physical education teacher demonstrates the javelin and makes an impressive throw. Running to retrieve the javelin, he turns around and yells to the class, only to impale himself through the eye on the javelin when he turns back around, driving it into his brain.
198 Samurai Death Squad (aka Slashing Japanese) You're Dead! LOL! -- Segment 1 / Death By Request -- 6C On July 17, 2009, in Los Angeles, CA. An underground group of Japanese-American men and women called the "Samurai Death Squad" try to modernize the art of bushido. The men challenge each others' courage by engaging in a modern day jousting matches, using tuner cars and spears while the women stand around in skimpy schoolgirl outfits sucking on lollipops (save for one who dresses as a geisha and acts as a referee). The object of the game is to get as close to injuring their opponent as possible without actually injuring one another. One of the men gets his shoulder cut, causing him to have trouble holding his spear. Intending to slice his opponent back, he accidentally impales him through his eye and all the way out the back of his head.
199 Me So Hornet (aka Hornet Venom Attack) Unforced Errors -- Segment 4 On September 27, 1992, in Lubbock, TX. A man doing lawn work is confronted by his wife for romance and agrees, but she forces him to get rid of a hornet's nest first. After failing to get it down with a rake, he gets a paintball gun and shoots the hornet's nest, knocking it to the ground. The hornets attack him and he dies from anaphylactic shock due to an unknown allergy to hornet venom.
200 Last Strike Death gets Busy--Segment 7 On November 1, 1992, in Los Angeles, CA. Daniel is getting drunk with a bunch of his friends on top of a building. He gets so drunk that he starts throwing chairs off the roof, which attracts police attention. When he hears sirens, Daniel makes a break for it and runs inside. Mistaking his reflection for a cop, Daniel charges through a glass door and bleeds out from his injuries.

(Not aired in US)

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