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"WARNING: The deaths, which are real and extremely graphic, portrayed in this show are based on tragic scenarios, from movies and make-up deaths."
"Names, which in some episode segments, have been changed to protect the identities of the deceased."
"Do not attempt to try ANY kinds of horrified actions depicted."
"OR ELSE YOU'LL DIE!" (the word "DIE" reverberates ominously).

NOTE: Death segments have never been the same. Also, these bad words are very dangerous on some segments and some details.

"1000 Ways to Die" -- Segments 801 - 900

Death # "Event" Name Taken from Circumstances of Death
801 ? ? ?
802 Gooed Riddance (aka Marsh-Hollow) Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death -- Segment 6 On November 21, 2009, in Chicago, IL. When a group of women have a reunion they promised to have 10 years ago (one of which has become a mean girl and wants nothing to do with her childish friends anymore), they play the game called Chubby Bunny. The more mature one, who wins just as before, later chokes (asphyxiates) when the marshmallows melt in her mouth and clog her trachea.
803 Bomb-Bino Death Bites! -- Segment 6 On June 27, 1994, in Palermo, Italy. An Italian man who made the mistake of borrowing money from the Mafia without being able to pay them back is forced to dig his own grave as two mobsters, ignoring his pleas, have a picnic nearby. While digging, the man unearths a World War II fragmentation grenade, which he throws at the mobsters' picnic area, not knowing what it is. The grenade explodes in the mobsters' faces, killing them instantly, but the man is spared because the mound of dirt he created from digging acted as a barrier.
804 Fire In The Hole (aka Prison Blast) Wait, Don't Tell Me – You're Dead -- Segment 1 On July 16, 2002, at the Florida State Prison. A Neo-Nazi jail inmate attempts to escape by having his moronic friend get himself arrested while carrying a hand grenade in his rectum. Once in jail, the friend has trouble extracting the grenade, so the Neo-Nazi tries to get it out himself. In doing so, he pulls out the pin, setting off an explosion that kills them both. The explosion blows out the friend's guts and blows off the Neo-Nazi's face and skull.
805 ? ? ?
806 ? ? ?
807 ? ? ?
808 ? ? ?
809 ? ? ?
810 ? ? ?
811 ? ? ?
812 ? ? ?
813 ? ? ?
814 ? ? ?
815 ? ? ?
816 ? ? ?
817 Ball 'N Pain Waking Up Dead -- Segment 7 On May 1, 2002, in San Francisco CA. Two men steal a zorb ball and play around in it, but are killed after rolling down a mountain at 45 miles per hour, repeatedly hitting their skulls and breaking many of their bones.
818 Frightmare (aka A Nightmare on SUNDS Street) Death Over Easy -- Segment 2 On June 15, 1995, in Fargo, ND. A woman suffers from SUNDS (Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome), and dies in her sleep from cardiac arrhythmia, brought on by an intense nightmare she could not wake up from.
819 Sneeze Bag (aka 15 Minutes of Shame) Grave Decisions -- Segment 1 On February 23, 1989, in Chicago, IL. A city mayor's sexy campaign manager (actually a spy working for an opposing candidate) drugs his drink in a plot to frame him for sleeping with her. The next day, she drags the mayor out to meet a mob of photographers she has tipped off about the alleged sex scandal. However, the woman unknowingly suffers from ACHOO syndrome (aka Sneeze Syndrome), and the camera flashes trigger a sneezing fit that leads to her death from burst blood vessels.
820 Suffer-cated (aka Cheating Edge) Deadliest Kitsch -- Segment 3 On November 16, 2009, in Bloomington, Indiana. An obsessed cyclist is forced to take care of the dog his girlfriend left behind when she abandoned him. During his training in an altitude tent, the neglected dog (noticing the cyclist's water bottle on top of the tent) jumps up and shuts off the air supply. The cyclist desperately tries to get out, but ends up making the altitude tent fall to the floor (doorside down) and the man suffocates from lack of oxygen (asphyxiates to death).
821 ? ? ?
822 ? ? ?
823 ? ? ?
824 ? ? ?
825 ? ? ?
826 Gory Holed (aka Bounce Attack) Death – The Gift That Lasts Forever -- Segment 2 On October 16, 1995, in Trenton, NJ. A dirty old man gets Internet installed on his computer so he can go on online sex chatrooms. While on one of these chatrooms (posing as a younger man while another dirty old man poses as an eighteen-year-old blond model), the old man impatiently bounces on his computer chair while waiting for the Internet page to upload (the old man had a dial-up modem), the chair snaps out from under him. A broken piece lodges into his rectum and causes fatal bleeding.
827 ? ? ?
828 ? ? ?
829 ? ? ?
830 Ass-Plosion (aka Strongman's Sad Day) Death, The Final Frontier -- Segment 5 On January 4, 2001, in Del Mar, CA. A man successfully eliminates his opponents in a Strongest Man competition by cheating. When he has to lift a large rock, the pressure caused by his body expels his intestines out his rectum and he has a massive heart attack.
831 ? ? ?
832 Lesbocution Life Will Kill You -- Segment 4 After being involved in a series of bad relationships, a woman decides to become a lesbian. While going home to have sex with a female friend to celebrate her coming out, the woman takes off her high heels and steps barefoot into a puddle with a live wire in it and is electrocuted.
833 ? ? ?
834 ? ? ?
835 ? ? ?
836 ? ? ?
837 ? ? ?
838 ? ? ?
839 ? ? ?
840 ? ? ?
841 ? ? ?
842 ? ? ?
843 ? ? ?
844 ? ? ?
845 ? ? ?
846 ? ? ?
847 ? ? ?
848 ? ? ?
849 ? ? ?
850 ? ? ?
851 ? ? ?
852 ? ? ?
853 ? ? ?
854 ? ? ?
855 ? ? ?
856 Shafted (aka Section Bisection)  You're Dead! LOL! -- Segment 2 On January 8, 1992, in Fort Worth, TX. A mean-spirited, claustrophobic office manager gets in an elevator with some employees. However, the elevator gets stuck. In a desperate attempt to get out, the other employees pry open the doors to let her out. As she is climbing out, the hydraulic brakes fail and the elevator proceeds to descend, crushing the woman's abdomen/bisecting her.
857 ? ? ?
858 ? ? ?
859 ? ? ?
860 ? ? ?
861 ? ? ?
862 ? ? ?
863 ? ? ?
864 ? ? ?
865 ? ? ?
866 ? ? ?
867 ? ? ?
868 ? ? ?
869 Back Stabbed (aka Blood Eagle) Putting A Smiley Face On Death -- Segment 4 / Death By Request -- Segment 2A In the 10th century (around 950 A.D.), in Scotland. The king of a Viking clan leads a campaign of marauding, leaving his younger brother in charge during his expedition. The younger Viking celebrates by having sex with the women. When the queen tries to shut it down, he rapes her. A few months later, when the king returns, he catches his brother in bed with his wife and sentences him to death by the blood eagle, in which the victim is stabbed in the back and his lungs are pulled out of his body, causing the victim's lungs to deflate from lack of pressure and the victim to suffocate to death, which means asphyxiated.
870 Fatally Gourd (aka Pumpkin Die) The One About Dumb People Dying -- Segment 7 On October 12, 2007, in Moorpark, CA. A man and his buddies go pumpkin chunking using a homemade pumpkin cannon at his farm. Meanwhile, another man is attempting to steal pumpkins from the farm across the field where the pumpkins are supposed to land. One of the pumpkins from the cannon makes contact with the thief, and the stem of the pumpkin impales his heart, killing him instantly.
871 ? ? ?
872 ? ? ?
873 Bad Max (aka Sucked Off) The End is Weird -- Segment 7 / Death By Request -- Segment 9A On July 23, 2010, in Malibu, CA. In this imaginary tale (based on Abigail Taylor's death), a notoriously movie star (parody of Mel Gibson) attempts to force his girlfriend into giving him oral sex, but she is too busy recording his abusive phone calls to sell to the press. The man sits in his Jacuzzi, and ends up eviscerated through his anus when he sits directly on the Jacuzzi's suction pump.
874 Dyin' Maiden (aka Iron Maid) Death Penalties -- Segment 2 On September 4, 1789, in Lyon, France. During the French Revolution, a spy posing as a maid tries to kill a magistrate to get his money, but is stopped by the magistrate's assistant. For committing treason, the maid/spy is sentenced to death by being shoved inside an iron maiden and impaled.
875 ? ? ?
876 ? ? ?
877 Caulk Blocked (aka Ass Full Of Caulk) If You're Dead – Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to You -- Segment 3 On April 25, 1998, in New York, NY. A wannabe hip-hop queen and aspiring songwriter gets pigtail implants to get the attention of a male rapper who prefers women with big buttocks (and has dedicated a hit song to those kind of women). However, the surgeon she hired was a fraud, and her pigtail implants were made of common bathroom caulk instead of medical-grade silicone. The syringe the surgeon used accidentally hit an artery and sent the caulk into her circulatory system where it clogged her heart and led to cardiac arrest.
878 ? ? ?
879 ? ? ?
880 ? ? ?
881 Slayer Cake (aka Heart Baker) Death: One Size Fits All -- Segment 5 On April 13, 2006, in St. Charles, MD. A bakery owner fires her incompetent brother-in-law after days of putting up with his unhygienic habits and his lack of professionalism. Before the man leaves, he decorates several cakes with shocking and slanderous messages. The man then steps out, and ends up slipping and falling on his cake-decorating syringe, which lodges in his chest and pumps enough icing into his heart for the man to suffer a massive heart attack.
882 ? ? ?
883 ? ? ?
884 ? ? ?
885 ? ? ?
886 ? ? ?
887 ? ? ?
888 Ex-Squeezed (aka Scavenger's Daughter) Sudden Death -- Segment 7 In 1581 A.D., in London, England. A prisoner is sentenced to death on a torture rack, but he is so tall that the machine cannot stretch his body. His executioner, Sir William Skeffington, then invents the Scavenger's Daughter, a device that forces the man into a fetal position while two metal arms crush his ribs and lungs. The prisoner dies of blood loss and puncture wounds.
889 Fiddle Licked (aka A Violin of Violence) Dead on Dead -- Segment 3 On February 8, 2008, in Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia). A Middle-Eastern terrorist poses as a rug salesman out on a date. Meanwhile, a CIA agent poses as a violinist at the same restaurant, attempting to kill the man with an experimental laser gun hidden in her violin case. The gamma rays from the gun succeed in causing thermal damage on a molecular level to the terrorist's brain.
890 ? ? ?
891 ? ? ?
892 Gorgeous Gorge (aka Too Much Junk Food) Death Gets Busy -- Segment 2 On May 2, 2004, in New York, NY. A supermodel who uses bulimia to keep herself thin orders everything on the room service hotel menu and stuffs her face with food. When she goes to the bathroom to throw up, her stomach ruptures from eating too much food and she dies.
893 ? ? ?
894 Scam Eye Am (Dead) (aka Killer Scam) Killing Them Softly -- Segment 1 On March 21, 2003, in Chicago, IL. After a Nigerian scam artist attempts to scam a man using the "wash-wash" scheme, his intended victim catches on and runs up to the scammer's hotel room. The scam artist is standing behind the door when the victim forces it open, driving its coathook into the scammer's eye and piercing his frontal lobe.
895 Pop Goes The Cholo (aka Sin-Tu bated) Better Them Than Us -- Segment 3 On August 25, 2008, in Albuquerque, NM. Two street gang members take a third member to a back alley doctor to treat a bullet wound to the chest. The gang leader ends up pistol whipping the doctor into unconsciousness after losing patience with him. With the doctor out cold, the gang members decide to do the operation themselves, but fail after inserting the tracheal tube down the injured member's esophagus, rather than the trachea, and end up hemorrhaging the injured member's stomach by filling it with air and causing it to explode.
896 ? ? ?
897 American Died'Ol (aka Pariah Carey) A New App Called Death -- Segment 6 On October 7, 2010, in Montclair, NJ. A brash woman cuts in line during an talent search for the next big pop music star. A freak windstorm blows her umbrella out of her hands and sends it crashing down, wedging into her spinal cord and causing her death from neurogenic shock.
898 ? ? ?
899 Batter Upped (aka Fried D'oh) Death Takes A Vacation -- Segment 3 On January 26, 2003, in Abilene, TX. A food vendor at a carnival tries to seduce his co-worker in the booth by erotically feeding her. His co-worker enjoys it, until the food vendor tries to make out with her. The co-worker resists and dumps a bucket of flour over his head and runs off to her car. The food vendor goes after her, but ends up running into a pole and face-planting into a deep-fryer, which gives him fatal burns. The woman forgets her keys so she goes back, much to the horror of the man's frying corpse.
900 ? ? ?

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