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Title card for the special

1000 Ways to Lie was a television special that was to have planned a spin-off series to 1000 Ways to Die. Like its "predecesor", the special was created by Thom Beers. The special itself would have been the first episode of the planned series, but it got negative reviews that the special was the only episode. It aired on March 3, 2010, one week after the Season 2 finale, "Dead on Dead", aired.


Like 1000 Ways to Die, the special had an intro. However, instead of real deaths, the stories in the special were based on real crimes. The warning for the special was:

"WARNING: The stories portrayed in this show are based on real scams and depict illegal activities." "Names have been changed to protect the guilty...and the gullible."

"Do not attempt to try ANY of the actions depicted."


The warning cut off to an animation while the voice-over read (note: only the ALL CAPPED words are illustrated) "Everybody lies, and everybody gets lied to...We lie to get ahead, we lie to get the girl, and to keep our secrets. Whether motivated by greed, ego, or criminal intent, just when you think you've heard it all, there are 1000 WAYS TO LIE."

The first episode of the planned spin-off was originally called "Natural Born Liars", but because of the negative reviews, the spin-off became a special, and "Natural Born Liars" is no longer an episode title.

Way to Lie # Title Date Location Plot Name Pun
333 The Unaboober April 8, 2006 Bixville, California A woman addicted to Heroin plans to smuggle Mexican Heroin in her breast implants. On her way to the border, she extracts some of the heroin from her breasts with a needle to get high, unknowingly spilling it all over her shirt, and is subsequently apprehended by the border patrol. The Unabomber
256 Phony Five-O October 2, 2007 Cameron, Illinois A recently paroled convicted felon wants to fulfill his childhood dream to become a police officer, but because of his record, he has to falsify his records as an FBI agent to become one. Even though he is successful in apprehending numerous criminals, he is eventually found out by a local reporter in town who did a background check on him to ensure his credibility to see if he is an agent or not. The reporter then contacts the real FBI authorities and soon after he is arrested by the FBI. Due to his falsified records and the history of his convicted felony including the new charges of impersonation of an FBI agent, all the cases including the evidences he worked on are now considered equivocal and invalid, resulting in all the cases to be dropped and all criminals caught in those cases to be released. Hawaii 5-0
178 Not So Sick Rick September 19, 2008 Henrietta, Texas A man tells his shrewish, nagging wife he is dying of pancreatic cancer so he could get away from her, get her to stop nagging, and go out partying with his friends at strip clubs. He is exposed when his wife, skeptical of his story due to how much partying he was doing, calls the hospital and finds out that he doesn't have cancer. Instead of divorcing him, she makes his life even more miserable than ever. The rapper Slick Rick
691 Bunnies in the Oven May, 24 1991 Leesburg, Virginia A young woman schemes with her husband to make claims that a male rabbit impregnated her and that she reportedly gave birth to little bunny children. The couple had the townspeople fooled, but not the county medical examiner who saw the woman stick the bunnies into her vagina and tells the townspeople. The couple is ordered to pay all the money back and leave town immediately. This stunt may have been inspired by the story of Mary Toft. "Bun in the oven", a saying for a pregnant woman.
212 Hey Dad Nice Rack October 31, 1935 St. Louis, Missouri Billy Tipton wants to blend in with the popular male musicians, so she hides her identity by wrapping her breasts tightly and wearing a strap-on dildo at all times. 17 years later while having sex, she suffers a near heart attack. The woman she is having sex with opens her chest to reveal the truth, much to the surprise of the musician's adopted son. This is inaccurate, as according to the article on Billy Tipton, he/she died of emphysema after being becoming very ill at age 74 and the truth was discovered when the paramedics were administering CPR. Filter song "Hey Man, Nice Shot"
884 Smooth Operator October 19, 1968 Da Nang, Vietnam A con artist who specializes in false identities is drafted into the Vietnam War. During the war, he steals the ID tags of a deceased army surgeon and inadvertently takes up the responsibility of amputating the limbs of wounded soldiers. The con artist is surprisingly competent at his job and when confronted by the parents of the dead surgeon, he concocts a story that results in the late son being revered as a war hero. Sade song "Smooth Operator"