The following is the German names for the deaths in 1000 Wege ins Gras zu Beissen

Life Will Kill You

Semi-cide - Vom Sattelschlepper gerädert (Whacked by a semi-trailer)

Constriction Accident - Tod im Bauloch (Death in sand)

Fang Banged - Die Schlange zieht schneller (The snake pulls faster)

Lesbocution - Barfuß in den Tod (Barefoot to death)

Love Bugged - Tierliebe bis in den Tod (Love of animals until death)

Tumble Die - Schranktrocken in den Sarg (Dry into the coffin)

Hard Lives, Easy Deaths

Freeze Died - Eiskalter Mord (Ice-cold murder)

Dive Bombed - Tauchertod im Flieger (Diver death on a plane)

De-Coffinated - Vergiftet, vergraben, verzweifelt (Poisoned, buried, desperate)

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