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"A Turn For The Purse", Way to Die #297, is the second death to be featured in "Gratefully Dead", which aired on January 13, 2010.


Sylvia, an ex-stripper living in a suburban town has her purse stolen by an arrogant mugger named Mikey on a bicycle, who threatens her with a screwdriver. Meanwhile, a neighbor named Doug witnesses the robbery and chases after Mikey. Mikey speeds away from the aggravated Doug, but hits his bike on a rock and flies onto a lawn, where he pierces his own heart with the screwdriver he was holding. Sylvia then catches up to the thief, goes past Doug and takes her purse back and calmly walks away, as Mikey takes his last breath and dies from cardiopulmonary tamponade, putting an end to his mugging, once and for all.

"Seeing what happened, a neighbor ran after the thief. Mikey tried to avoid him, but his front wheel caught a flagstone at the end of a driveway. His bike stopped...but Mikey kept going."


  • This is one of 2 deaths caused by screwdriver. The other is Die-rect TV.
  • Alphabetically, this would be the first death.

Cast and Interviewees

  • George Turner - Private Investigator
  • Dr. Steven Burstein - Cardiologist
  • Sylvia Johnson - Sylvia (lead)
  • Rollin Perry - Doug (lead)
  • Chris McLaughlin - Mikey (lead: intended victim, Also Portrayed Mickey in Deaf Jammed and Ron in Bitch Zapped)