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"Abracadaver", Way to Die #401, is the third death to be featured in "The Lighter Side of Death", which aired on March 1, 2009.


Second-rate magician Dolph Scott, under the stage name "The Great Dolphino" (Alexander Cukor), who does magic shows for less-than-enthusiastic audiences, is ready to perform the final magic trick of the show: the bullet catch, a deadly and dangerous stunt.

Mandalite, his ex-girlfriend assistant who grows tired of him, has a blank-filled gun in her hand. Dolph, with a real bullet already secretly hidden in his mouth, says some magic words which are actually gibberish and waves his wand on the gun, tapping it. When the trick is performed, a death actually does happen.

Dolph's jugular vein is severed by the chunked-tip of his wand, which was dropped into the gun barrel when he tapped it, and he falls down, as dead as his act, with neck in hand, and the bullet falls out of his mouth.

Mandalite doesn't get away with murder--just wishful thinking, and with Dolph dead, she can finally do solo shows in Vegas if the police don't charge her with accidental homicide. The now-awakened audience is amazed, applauding the late Great Dolphino.

Cast & Interviewees

  • Joe Skilton - Magician
  • Alexander Cukor - Dolph (lead:intended victim)


  • The bullet catch has been performed by magicians over the years. Many magicians, like Dorothy Dietrich, have survived with or without injury, but more than twelve magicians, like Dr. Epstein in 1869, died while performing it.
  • This death is based on one of these kinds of magic fatalities.
  • Abracadaver is also the name of a villain and episode from the animated Cartoon Network series The PowerPuff Girls.
  • It is one of the four deaths that was shown in the intro of "Dead and Deader" that were later added in newer episodes. The other three are Re-Coiled, Gas-Hole, and Jake N' Baked.
  • Dolph Scott is actually the name of one of the crew members behind each episode of 1,000 Ways to Die.
    • A similar situation plays out in Way to Die #277, where the victim is named after another one of the members of the show.
  • This is based on the death of a "Chinese" performer.

Segment Nicknames

  • Magic Bullet

Foreign names

  • Abracadáver - Latin American and Spanish dubs