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"Any Given Gunday", Way to Die #275, is the first death featured in "That's "Mister Death" To You", which aired on July 11, 2011.


Jerome, a pro footballer, gets seduced by a jersey chaser named Cindy. One night, Cindy sleeps with Jerome, hoping to relieve him of his money. Over the time, Jerome had no recollection of his rendezvous with Cindy due to a concussion from one of his games. The following morning, Jerome thinks someone broke into his home; during the paranoia, Jerome had hidden pistols in his pillow, in his bathroom, and in his kitchen, without Cindy knowing. As Cindy is cooking breakfast for Jerome, she is about to put some cinnamon buns in the oven, but Jerome warns her not to open it. Why did he warn her? Is it because A: he had a gas leak, B: it's where he dries his jockstraps or C: is it where he hid the third pistol? In this show, the answer is always C! The heat in the oven had heated the pistol, causing it to fire a bullet right into Cindy's head and through her skull; she was killed instantly.


  • Frank Rice - Pro Football Player
  • Mike Tristano - Weapons Expert

Foreign names

  • Pan Quemado (Burned Bread) - Latin American dub
  • Horno Letal (Lethal Oven) - Spanish dub
  • Amor Armado (Armed Love) - Brazilian dub


  • Also called "One in the Oven" in the Spike TV Website.
  • This is based on an actual incident in 2008 where a 24-year-old man's gun went off and injured two young boys. However, the gun wasn't fired at their heads, and both survived.
  • In Latin American dub stablished as "December" instead November
  • This is the only death whose number ends in 75.