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Art Attack, Way to Die #193, is the seventh and last death featured in "Stupid Is As Death Does", which aired on March 29, 2011.


A pervert posing as a French artist named "Mr. Amnesia" tries to seduce a women. But the women rejects him and leaves. In a fit of rage, He punches something he found at a junkyard called a butterfly bomb and called it a "sculpture". But when he punches it, The bomb explodes and metal shrapnel get lodged in his face, killing him.

"Mr. Amnesia thought he could sweet-talk any woman into bed, and he did not like to be turned down. In a rage, he lashed out at his worthless sculpture."

Segment Nickname

  • Scrap-Nel
  • Bush Whacked VIII: Artist Killed Himself

Alternative Description

This was the description for this death as seen on Spike TV's website. "An egotistical French sculptor is showing off his bizarre works to a female art student when he chisels his signature into a scrap-metal sculpture and triggers a vintage Butterfly bomb."

Cast and Interviewees

  • William Calderon - Art Critic
  • Peter Fowler - Bomb Specialist (Himself)
  • Ryan Sherman - Mr. Amnesia (lead:intended victim)
  • Kristin Kimiya - Art Student #1 (lead)
  • Heather Storm - Art Student #2 (lead)
  • Celia Diane - Art Student #3 (lead)


  • In 1981, Paul Gauci was killed from an explosion after welding a butterfly bomb to a metal pipe and using it as a mallet, thinking it was a harmless can.
  • This death is also known as "Scrap-Nel" on the Spike TV website.
  • According to the narrator, the faux artist's French accent is phony, indicating that he himself is not French at all. But, in the Spike (now Paramount Network) website description, he is described to be French. The latter could be an error.
    • Additionally, the website version, he is only said to be a sculptor, not an artist with various techniques.

Foreign names

  • El Arte Ataca (The Art Attacks) - Latin American dub.
  • El Arte de la Guerra (The Art of War) - Spanish dub.
  • A Arte de Matar (The Killing Art) - Brazilian dub.