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"As-Capped", Way to Die #273, is the second death to be featured in "Grave Decisions: The Halloween Episode", which aired on October 31, 2011.


Old Man Arthur is a man modeled after Phil Spector. He was once part of a band known as "Jerry and the Antrix", but he hates them now. And worse, Arthur finds out he was hired to be the band of the nursing home in which he now lives! So he decided to take revenge. Donning a wig, he prepares to shoot the gang, saying that they are worse than diapers, only for a woman to be fed-up with him, telling him to put the gun down. But unfortunately, he suffers a fit of palsy, yelling to them "I'M A GENIUS! I MADE YOU!"... right before shooting his own oxygen tank, and then... he dies from explosion injuries.


  • Jesse Wilder - Music Producer
  • Eddie Paul - Engineer
  • Jacob Reff - Arthur (lead: intended victim)


  • Also called "Killjoy" on the Spike TV website.
  • This is one of the Deaths at the end that shows the picture of the Victim before they die, also is one of the deaths who don't see the dead body of the victim after the death. And the only which did not end by the deathcard theme.
  • The location is the same as Butt Plugged and Sun Burnt.
  • The weapon carried by Old Man Arthur which he accidentally fired at the oxygen canister and used to threaten the band is a .Colt Single Action Army revolver
  • The name of death is a play on words, with "ascap" (AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AUTHORS, COMPOSERS AND EDITORS) AND "Cap" (tube, bottle)
  • Two people have died this way one was a smoking woman and the other was a man who’s tank burned