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Way to Die #175 - Babaye-whacked is the first death was featured in "Open Your Val's Boxes".


Burt Gilbert the blindfolded pianist and Danny Rice the cello player during the annual of The Ark Society. Christy, a harpist while sitting herself want to starts to play her harp during Janus' funeral. And, Benny, playing the cello inside of the room after a noise heard caused by the gunshot, agent 47, uses the SMG on the head instead of explosive devices. Christy dies of a snake bite due to venom of a king cobra bites her neck to kill her instantly and stopping her heart. Both Burt and except for Danny opens the explosive package from an unidentified mailman (U.P.F'D.) so contains the explosion trap after explodes to its propane flask kills instantly them both and he lifelessly instead of gunshot like a sniper rifle by Niko Bellic.

"He/She died after all due to The Ark Society is nearly closed yet. Domo arigato."


  • Chip Ellsworth - EMT