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"Back Broke Mountain", Way to Die #111, is the third death to be featured in "Come On, Get Deathy", which aired on January 20, 2010.


Wanda and her husband, Marco, were out taking a hike near a cliff. He had originally planned to divorce her, but he later had planned to murder her to collect her insurance. During the hike, Marco excuses himself from Wanda to secretly call his lover. Thinking Marco was peeing in the bushes, Wanda informs him to come on. When they view the scenery, Marco begins the plan, making it look like he's taking a picture of him and Wanda with his camera phone. However, Wanda shoves Marco off the edge of the cliff by accident after trying to fight him off in self-defense. This results in a treacherous tumble, strait to the base of the mountain. During the fall, the rocky mountainside breaks many of his bones. The mountainside broke his back, crushed his spine, shattered his skull, snapped his neck, broke his arms and legs, destroyed his internal organs, caused irreversible brain damage, unfathomable agony, and total annihilation, sending the attempted-killing husband to the hell as he deserves. ‘As much as Wanda wanted to get rid of Marco, this was not how she imagined it’

Segment Nicknames

  • Tumble Down the Mountain

Foreign names

  • LA sehen und sterben (See and die in LA) - German dub
  • Divorcio mortal (Deadly divorce) - Latin american dub
  • Partiéndose el lomo (Breaking the loin) - Spanish dub
  • Vista de Costas (View of Back) - Brazilian dub
  • Montaniya kusaga drezak (Killed by the Mountain) - Lazoran dub


  • Dolph Vééko - Marco (lead: intended victim)
  • Jessica Zums - Wanda (lead)


  • On the CGI, it shows Marco bouncing off the mountainside. But in the live action segment, Marco falls off the mountain and stops.
  • This death takes place exactly 47 years after Bad Hair Day.
  • This death takes place on October 26, 2008 in the German dub
  • It shares a similar name with Way to Die #133.
  • It is based on several deaths from cliff falls.
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