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Way to Die #321: Bad Assid, is the sixth death featured in "Dead on Dead", which aired on February 24, 2010.


On September 21, 2005, in Downers Grove, Ilinois. Four friends named Joe, Tricia, Lina and Alice are bored on a rainy day, until a fifth friend named Tommy shows up with some LSD. Alice has recently broken up with Joe, who takes two hits. The quintet begin to swim around in an empty pool, thinking it is filled with water. Alice who took two hits dives in, and dies when she bellyflops against the bottom of the pool, crushing her spinal column and her skull, cutting off her nerves, causing massive hemorrhaging.

"Two-hit Alice had gone off the deep end...and then she jumped off it."

Segment Nickname

  • Belly Flip-flop
  • Tip Tongued

Foreign names

  • Mal Ácido (Bad Acid) - Latin American and Spanish dubs.