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"Bad Hair Day", Way to Die #300, is the second death to be featured in "Death Watch", which aired on January 27, 2010.


A woman named Betty on a double date with Suzy refuses to let her boyfriend, Joe make out with her, fearing her beehive hairstyle will be ruined. Finally, he gets frustrated with her and the two step outside to smoke cigarettes, with Joe lighting hers for her cigarette. Only one problem: back in the 1950's, hairspray contained alcohol and other flammable substances, causing Betty's hair to burn hotter as pizza oven and longer. The flame from his lighter sets fire to her hair, saturated with hairspray. Betty dies when the fire spreads to her scalp, burning her brain and cooking her skull.

"In an instant, Betty's hair became a towering inferno."


  • Dr. Pavel Bindra - Cardiac Electrophysiologist


Segment Nicknames

  • Hair-Don't
  • Inferno'd
  • Hair-Y Death
  • Burning Hair