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"Belly'd Up", Way to Die #146, is the second death to be featured in "Bringing in the Dead", which aired on January 6, 2010.


On June 18, 2001 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Natasha was a belly dancer determined to win the Belly Dancer of the Universe competition. She dances around in her house, trying to perfect her dance style. She practices every day and treated this competition as her Super Bowl. She wants to "reach for the stars." Unfortunately for Natasha, her scarf gets tangled in the ceiling fan due to her constantly throwing her scarf up in the air. As a result, the fan lifts Natasha off her feet and up into the air where she simultaneously tries desperately to breathe and get her scarf unstuck. Tragically, the belly dancing beauty's struggles prove unsuccessful as Natasha asphyxiates, which ends both her life and her dream to become the Belly Dancer of the Universe.

Interviewees and Cast

  • Shay Lynn - Exotic Dancer
  • Dr. Pavel Bindra - Cardiac Electrophysiologist
  • Anelia Dyoulgerova - Natasha (lead:intended victim)


  • Isadora Duncan, a famous ballet dancer in the early 20th century, died when the scarf she was wearing got tangled in a wheel of a car she was in, causing her neck to snap.

Segment Nicknames

  • Dance Until Dead

Foreign names

  • Danza Mortal (Deadly Dance) - Latin American dub
  • ¡Panza Arriba! (¡Belly up!) - Spanish dub