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"Bibli-killed", Way to Die #124, is the second death featured in "Dead Wrongs" which aired on September 28, 2010.


Con artists Caleb and Jacob pose as preachers who travel by car with a box of unread giveaway bibles in order to disguise their true intentions; having sex with females they meet.

One day, the duo stop at a farm to "save another soul" and meet Emmy Lou, the farmer's granddaughter. While the two take turns in having sex with her, the farmer's wife overhears the noise and chases the two scammers with a shotgun. Caleb and Jacob escape and find shelter inside a grain silo, planning to flee as the farmer's wife leaves. However, they are barely able to see anything in the darkness, causing Caleb to use his lighter for light.

"There comes a time for every lost soul's lives, when what need most, it's a light to shine in the darkness. This wasn't one of them."

However, as he activates it, the flame ignites all the grain particles in the air around them, causing the silo around them to explode with much power as three sticks of dynamite, killing them both, which results in severed and blackened bodies.

As Emmy Lou is devastated by their deaths, the farmer's wife gloats at their death saying, "A waste of good corn."

Casts and Interviewees

  • Kenlyn Kanouse - Farmer's
  • Peyton McCormick - Emmy Lou
  • Manuel Schuster - Farmer


  • The date this death happened is June 6th, 2006, which was 6/6/06 (or 6-6-6). It is a reference to the biblical "Number of the Beast" (666) from the Book of Revelations.
  • When Caleb and Jacob arrives at the farm, they were driving a 2003 Honda Accord sedan.
    • Additionally, although the death takes place in Iowa, the Accord has a Californian license plate. However, it might be possible that the 2 boys started their journey from California.
  • Emmy Lou wears the same bikini top as Leann's in Phone Boned.

Segment Nicknames

  • E-I-E-I-OWW (not to be confused with Way to Die #487) (Spike TV)
  • E-I-E-I -OUCH!

Foreign names

  • Arder en el Infierno (Burn in Hell) - Latin American dub
  • Hechos polvo (Turned to dust) - Spanish dub
  • colheita maldita (cursed harvest) - Brazilian dub
    Bibli-Killed - screenshot.jpg