Way to Die #140
"Bitch Zapped"
Name of the death is a pun on "bitch slap" and "zapped"
Bitch Zapped
Date June 16, 2001
Location Tampa, Florida
Episode this death
was featured in
"Waking Up Dead"
"Waste Dead"
"Fat Man In A Little Swing"

"Bitch Zapped", Way to Die #140, is the fourth death featured in "Waking Up Dead", which aired on February 3, 2010.


Ronald was a slave to his wife for ten years, a shrewish woman named Marcie, and she was, to be delicate, the evil, ball-busting harpy-witch of the century. Their relationship wasn't husband and wife anymore, but more like prisoner and guard. She wants her husband Ronald to mow their lawn rather than work on his car. After getting fed up of Ronald's shoddy workmanship of mowing the lawn, Marcie shows him the proper way of mowing the lawn. Little does she know that she was heading towards the cord of Ronald's arc welder. After running the mower over the cord, Marcie gets electrocuted to death, as she fell on the lawn. Ronald, delighted that he is now free, gloats at his now-deceased wife and he was amused that "There is a God."

"Ron's life was hell. His wife was hell as well. She told him to mow, and away he did go. But now, his wife is no mo'."

Foreign names

  • Perra Electrocutada (Electrocuted Bitch) - Latin American dub.
  • Zorra Eliminada (Eliminated Slut) - Spanish dub.