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"Blast Call", Way to Die #460, is the seventh and final death featured in "Death – The Gift That Lasts Forever", which aired on August 22, 2011.


A drunken man named Ned runs out of money one night at the bar. Ned invents a new way to get drunk by making himself a human dart board (by drawing a dart board on his stomach). Each time someone is successful, Ned takes one drink. After 15 shots of darts and 15 shots of alcohol, Ned is still asking for more. Without warning, Ned collapses to the ground and explodes, severing his body in half.

What happened to Ned?

To those who know, Ned actually had a job. He worked on a demolition crew, and was in charge of the explosives. Ned goes to the bar after work but forgets about the dynamite he had in his back pocket. When Ned drunkingly collapsed, he fell with enough force to ignite the blasting cap on the dynamite, causing it to explode but since his body was on top of it, it contains the blast and severs him in half.

"After 15 shots, and...'15 shots'...Ned was still asking for more. But then, without warning...Ned split. What the hell happened?"


  • Eddie Paul - Explosives Expert


  • When it is shown what killed Ned, the building from Implo-dead is shown.

Segment Nickname

  • Halfs All Folks
  • Ned Out (Spike TV Website)
  • Harass A Ass
  • Burnt Drunkout
  • Split Decision

Foreign names

  • Medio y Medio (Way and a Half) - Latin American dub
  • Chupito Explosivo (Explosive Shot) - Spanish dub
  • Dor de Estomago (Stomachache) - Brazilian dub


  • Editing: If paused right when the explosion starts, it starts at the bottom of the screen, near Ned's armpit.
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