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"Blood Bath & Beyond", Way to Die #354, is the first death to be featured in "Death On A Stick", which aired on August 3, 2010.


Dave was a building manager who kept an eye on things. The problem was...Dave kept too close in eye. Using a high-tech flexible snake camera, Dave spied on all the pretty girls in his building. Dave would start out with yoga girl in 6B. On the other side of his apartment Dave would spy on karaoke girl in 6D. Truly, she was a sizzling little pop tart. Dave would top it off with bathtub babe in 7C. Danielle was his favorite. She offered the best views. Over time, Dave had drilled several holes in her bathroom floor to maximize his peeping angles. Unfortunately, these holes allowed water to seep in and cause rotting, weakening the floor substantially. When Danielle got into the bathtub, the floor collapsed, shattering his skull, splattering his brain across the floor, causing massive bleeding within and out what's left of his skull, killing him instantly, much to the shock of Danielle.


  • Stop Calling Me Baby from the last death of the very same episode, Boys 2 Dead, can be heard in the background of this death.
  • The Actor who played Dave, Nick Armstrong, was killed in another segment - Fansicle
  • This death was Runner-Up A in the "Sexiest Death" category in the Death By Request: Special episode.
  • This is the first death of Season 3.

Cast Interviewees

  • Nick Armstrong - Dave (lead: intended victim)
  • "Paul" - Admitted Voyeur
  • Mark Fines - Architect

Foreign names

  • Baño de sangre y mucho más (Blood bath and much more) - Latin American dub
  • Un Baño de Sangre y Más .(A Blood Bath and More) - Latin American dub (The Deathies)
  • Baño de sangre (Blood bath) - Spanish dub
  • Banho de Sangue (Blood bath) - Brazilian dub
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    What a mess.