Way to Die #118
"Blown Job"
Name of the death is a pun on "blow job"
Blown Job.png
Tammy just wanted to get ahead. But when she wouldn't give it, she wound up at a dead end.
Date April 21, 2001
Location La Jolla, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"Dead to Rights"
"Gut Busted"
"Tube Snaked"

"Blown Job", Way to Die #118, is the first death featured in "Dead to Rights", which aired on February 17, 2010.


Tammy was a workaholic. Her perverted boss, Mr. Eliot, knew that she had a lock in an upcoming promotion. Tammy was also addicted to energy drinks; she drinks Red Ram the most. Asking Mr. Eliot if he wanted anything else, he answered, visually, that he wanted to have oral sex with her. Despite her refusal, she thanks him anyway, and later tries to wash her disgust away with a few more drinks of Red Ram. Little did Tammy realize that she was going into a caffeine overdose. It's not until later when the new guy showed up and went into Mr. Eliot. Tammy took a peek inside the office, and saw that he was passing the oral test with flying colors and with Mr. Eliot. The new guy made no mistakes. The new guy walked to Tammy's office and announced that he got the job. This erupts Tammy's gasket like a volcano. After hearing that Mr. Eliot gave her promotion to the new guy, an enraged Tammy blows up in his face. But then, her over-caffeinated heart stops beating due to ten sixteen-ounce drinks of Red Ram, as well as cardiac arrest, and Tammy dies before she even hits the floor.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Dr. Ramon Celestro - Trauma Surgeon
  • Khelsy Raymond - Tammy (lead:intended victim)


Blown Job


  • This is the second death to be given the title "Blown Job" after Way to Die #201 in "Death: A User's Manual"


  • Continuity: When Tammy confronts with her boss before she dies, the door that she bursts into appears open or close between shots.
  • The energy drink can is actually Monster Energy Drink in disguise, albeit that it wasn't available until April 2002.

Segment Nicknames

  • Blown Away
  • Caff-Fiend


Foreing Names

  • Trabajo estresante (Stressful job) - Latin American dub
  • Por el disgusto (Out of disgust) - Spanish dub

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Blown Job (118).jpg

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