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"Blown Job", Way to Die #201, is the sixth and the final death featured in "Death: A User's Manual", which aired on March 29, 2009.


Fred Garfield AKA Laughy the Clown, a drunken alcoholic clown, also a bad clown is on his way to his next birthday party, wishing, more than anything, that it would be his last. Ironically, he was coulrophobic as a child (meaning he was scared of clowns). He would always bring the grand finale, a giant balloon called, "Ally Gator" which was probably the only worthwhile part of his act. When he stops short in front of the party, a canister of CO2 rolls up against his seat, inflating the giant balloon for his act while still in the car. He is too drunk to sense the danger until it is too late, and dies when the balloon presses him against the car door and he suffocates.

"What happens next isn't funny... it's fatal."


  • Seymour Segnit - Phobia Expert
  • Jason Romero - Emergency Medical Technician


  • This segment was not to be confused with Blown Job (118).
  • This death is slightly similar to Grateful Bed.
  • It is based on an urban legend (later confirmed as true) about a children's entertainer named Marlon Pistol, who was killed while driving along a Californian highway, which caused his giant "Colonel Jumbo" balloon to inflate, resulting in him crashing into a wall.

Segment Nicknames

  • Coulrophobic Clown
  • Blown Away

Foreign names

  • Payaso Asfixiado (Suffocated Clown) - Latin American and Spanish dubs.