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"Bomb-bino", Way To Die #803, is the sixth death to be featured on "Death Bites!" which aired on December 9th 2009.


Mario Bolusi, who made a mistake borrowing money from the Mafia and being unable to pay them back, is forced to dig his own grave while two mobsters, ignoring Bolusi's pleas, have a picnic nearby. Meanwhile, Bolusi digs up a World War II frag grenade and, not knowing what it is, throws it at the mobsters' picnic area. The grenade explodes in the mobsters' faces, killing them both instantly. Bolusi, shielded by the dirt and being below the blast radius of the grenade, survives and flees from the scene, happy to be free from them.


  • Cody Hix - Former Infantry Squad Leader

Segment Nicknames

  • Blast Away