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"Botoxicated", Way to Die #652, is the fourth death to be featured in "Death Gets Busy", which aired on February 22, 2009.


Debbie, an ex-beauty queen, was desperate to get rid of her wrinkles, so she hired a doctor (a phony one) to inject her with Botox. Debbie didn't know it at first, but she just signed her death certificate because the pretend doctor gave Debbie a batch of tainted Botox. Instead of calling 911 to find a real doctor, Debbie got into her one-piece bathing suit thinking that a dip in the hot tub could calm her down. However, the botulism poison causes her body became paralyzed. She slipped under the water's surface and drowned, thus sending her to heaven.

"The fake physician made a good living off insecure 40-somethings, dispensing black market Botox injections. It wasn't brain surgery, and they always paid cash. Debbie didn't know it, but she just signed her death certificate."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Ashley Nugent - Debbie (lead: intended victim)
  • Mark Wooster - Botox Doctor (uncredited)
  • Dr. Vyshali Rao - Herself (Cardiologist)


  • Among all the other ways to die, this one is the first and only death to feature the victim wearing a full modest one-piece bathing suit, until Bad Laps. However, the victim in Bad Laps was wearing a wetsuit.
  • This is a death that does not involve CGI graphics describing the death. Other segments include Guitar Zeros and Catch And Decease.
  • This Botox accident segment is different about corn oil injection as a mistake. See "Way to Die #930".
  • Another fake doctor incident involved bathroom caulk. See "Way to Die #877".

Foreign names

  • Intoxicada con Botox (Intoxicated with Botox) - Latin American dub
  • "Botoxicada" - Spanish dub
  • zum Sterben schön (Dying for Beauty) - German dub

Segment Nickname

  • Fatal Beauty