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"Boys 2 Dead", Way to Die #87, is the last death featured in the episode "Death On A Stick", which aired on August 3, 2010, and the eighth death to be featured in the Death By Request: Special episode, which aired on October 24, 2011.


Tim, Norm, Jeff, Tony, and Joe are members of an over-the-hill one-hit-wonder boy band called "4EVER" who refuse to recognize that they're no longer boys. The group was extremely popular in the 1990's but their fame had faded as the 2000's set in. Instead of theaters and arenas, 4EVER was reduced to playing in dive bars, dinner clubs, and small to medium-sized market nightclubs.

One night, the group performs on stage for a very small, unenthusiastic crowd at a nightclub. Tim, the ego-maniacal lead singer, decides to do a stage dive while the band sings their song, "(Stop Callin' Me) Baby", being on the illusion that they were performing in a giant stadium/arena with thousands of screaming fans. He dives, but with nobody to support him, he falls to the ground, shattering his spine, causing paralysis. His entire body shuts down, and he dies.

With the death of their lead singer, 4EVER now truly lives up to their name as they now have only four members. After overcoming the initial shock of Tim's death, the band decides to perform the rest of their song in his memory. Surprisingly, they gain more praise from the bar patrons.

"(Singing) Baby, The thing is maybe. I'm not gonna save you. From being the baby that's a baby alone."


  • Continuity: When Tim jumped, he was doing a belly flop. But when his corpse is shown, he's inexplicably on his back.
  • Crew or Equipment Visible: Camera shadows in some shots.



  • Tradim Cadruffedgeman - Tim (lead: intended victim)
  • Ryan Tyler - Norm (lead)
  • Chris Waters - Joe (lead)
  • John Bruce - Tony (lead)
  • Mark C. Hanson - Jeff (lead)
  • Mia Ruth Kiarle - 4EVER fan with video camera


  • The actors who portrayed 4EVER rehearsed for weeks to perfect their dance moves for this way to die.
  • Despite being called "4EVER", the boy band started with five singers.
  • The song "(Stop Callin' Me) Baby" is a parody of N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye".
  • This death scene is awarded the "Dumbest Death" in the Death By Request: Special episode.
  • "(Stop Callin' Me) Baby" is heard in the background of first death of the same episode, "Blood Bath & Beyond".
  • It is based off the death of Patrick Sherry.

Segment Nicknames

  • The Last Song
  • Gone 4Ever

Foreign names

  • Clavado fuera del escenario (Off-scene Diving) - Latin American dub
  • Do de pecho (Do of Breast) - Spanish dub
  • Boys 2 Dead.jpg
    Melodia mortal (deadly melody) - Brazilian dub

Boys 2 Dead - screenshot.jpg