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"Broke-Back Cowboy", Way to Die #133, is the seventh Segment in "Death Over Easy", which aired on February 8, 2009.


A wanna-be cowboy named Wade wants to be big by becoming an actor. Being featured in a commercial for cigarettes and only riding in the background made him feel like the next John Wayne. Right after his Agent told him that he did not get a role as a filmstar, he wants to convince his agent that he can take care over every stunt without problems. His horse trips over a rock causing him to fall back on the ground head first, transecting his entire neck.


  • Dr. Steve Burstein - Cardiologist


  • Unused transition.

    Despite being in the German version, the segment name is in English.
  • The CGI Re-enactment shows Wade's skeleton with a cowboy hat.
  • It is based on the Christopher Reeve accident.
  • This is one of the deaths featured in the series that is caused by overconfidence.
  • One of the transition scenes is exclusively for this death.

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Date and Location in English Version. (Custom Made)