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"Butt Fucked", Way to Die #316, is the first death to be featured in "Death Over Easy", which aired on February 8, 2009. 


Myron Burns may not know it, but he was a very lucky man. He just barely survives burning his house down after falling asleep while smoking in bed three weeks prior. Instead of taking this as a sign that it's about time he kick the habit, he bribes a nurse to take him out back so he can have a smoke. The ash from his cigarette creates just enough of a spark to ignite his bandages, which just so happen to be soaked in a highly flammable ointment. Panicked and helpless, he ends up rolling down a handicapped ramp and is engulfed in flames when his oxygen tank explodes, and was killed from 4th degree burns.

"Myron... goes out in a blaze of gory."

Cast & Interviewees

  • Mark Wenzel - Myron Burns (lead:intended victim)
  • Caitlin Morton - Nurse (lead)
  • Jean Mackie - Intervention Specialist
  • Dr. Joel Tiplinski - Burn Specialist

Segment Nicknames

  • Fire Man
  • Man on Fire

Foreign names

  • Cigarrillo Mortal (Mortal Cigarette) - Latin American dub
  • Hecho Cenizas (In Ashes) - Spanish dub
  • Mit Feuer und Flamme ins Jenseits (With fire and flame to the afterlife) - German dub


  • The scene is set in 1978, but a modern card reader can be seen on the wall next to the door when the patient is on the ramp behind the hospital.


  • It is based on the death of Ronald Eynon.
  • This is one of 2 deaths caused by oxygen tank explosions. The other is As-Capped.
  • This, Choke-A-Lot, and Car Jacked had no theme playing during the deathcard sequence, being replaced with a ringing sound.
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