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"Cardiac-A-Breast", Way to Die #55, is the sixth death featured in "Putting A Smiley Face On Death", which aired on September 14, 2010.


Cindy was invited to a party. The problem was, she had nothing to wear. So, she made do, by buying a full-metal bra, and picked out the dress she wanted carefully. After arriving, she was attempting to take home a male and drain him of his bodily fluids, by showing herself off. Every guy in the party wanted her. Even when there was a thunderstorm on the night of the party, Cindy was a real live wire. That is, until a thunderbolt struck her, and she was dead before she hit the ground.

"Cindy was the life of the party until..."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Karen Schantz - Cindy (lead: intended victim)
  • Alison Rubke (lingerie expert)
  • Jason Romero (EMT paramedic)


Segment Nicknames

  • Zapped Rack (Spike TV)

Foreign names

  • Sostén Explosivo (Explosive Brassiere) - Latin American dub
  • Sutiã Chocante (Shocking Bra) - Brazilian dub
  • Meaning: Lighting is the "breast" reason not to hold or wear or come in contact with metal during an electric storm.
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