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"Cat Fight On A Hot Tin Hood", Way to Die #295, is the third death to be featured in "Grave Decisions: The Halloween Episode", which aired on October 31, 2011.


Brenda, a driver with extreme road rage, is infuriated when there's not a single place to park. When the spot she wanted was taken by another driver, Amy, Brenda's temper rose. She gets out of her car and throws her coffee at her back window. Amy gets out and after exchanging words, she and Brenda get in a cat fight. Amy wrestles Brenda off, but before she could pounce on Amy, she dodges, and Brenda gets impaled in the stomach by another car's three-pronged hood ornament, causing heavy bleeding, sending her into hypoglycemic shock and causing instantaneous unconsciousness, then she dies soon after. even after Amy screamed for someone to call an Ambulance.

"Then Amy slipped into a spot she'd been patiently waiting for, and Brenda went off. That's how two chicks starts fighting over a parking spot. But in this case, Brenda grabbed a little more than she could handle."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Caslin Rose - Brenda (lead:intended victim)
  • Aimee Zannoni - Amy (lead)
  • Kevin Buckings - Interviewee (Psychologist)
  • Dr. Boyd Flinders - Interviewee (Surgeon)


Anachronism: A Jeep Patriot is depicted in this segment, which wasn't manufactured until 2007.

Segment Nicknames

  • Parking Fighters (Spike TV)
  • Parking Wars
  • Hood Stabbed

Foreign names

  • La Gata Sobre El Capó Caliente (The Cat on the Hot Hood) - Spanish dub
  • Pelea de Gatas sobre Zinc Caliente (Cat Fight on Hot Tin) - Latin American dub
    Cat Fight On A Hot Tin Hood.JPG