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"Cat Got Your Life", Way to Die #453, is the first death featured in "Star Death: The Last Generation", which aired on February 8, 2012.


Janice (Danae McKillop) is a divorcee who is a cat hoarder, having over 15 of them in her house. Her husband checked out after the 15th cat came in. Janice's obsession with her cats takes new heights, when she mates them in order to drink the milk from the mother cats. What Janice doesn't realize is that her cats were ingesting white snakeroot, a type of plant that makes milk poisonous to humans as it causes the cats milk to contain Tremetol, a form of alcohol that is highly toxic to humans. The Tremetol enters her bloodstream and vital organs. After five days of consuming the Tremetol-laced milk, she develops a high fever, cramping, and nausea. After a whole week, Janice fell into a coma and soon after died.


  • Dale Bartlett - American Humane Society
  • Dr. Trung Nguyen - Surgeon


  • One of the sound effects during the CGI-format was from Happy Wheels, the same as Rhymes With "Rich".
  • This is based on the death of the mother of Abraham Lincoln
  • Cgi Janice has cat ears

Segment Nicknames

  • Too Fur Gone (Spike TV)