The absolute WORST people on the whole entire show: complete jerks, terrorists, downright racists, downright perverts, con-artists, extreme cheaters, people extreme attackers, people with permanently and extremely short fuses, completely whiny insufferable kids, abusive parents, animal abusers, people killers, Nazis, extreme school bullies, downright scary people, evil soldiers, evil rebels, extreme criminals, powerful thieves, powerful robbers, bad behaving/death row prisoners, psychopaths, evil pimps, evil prostitutes, complete liars, complete hypocrites, and/or downright bad guys with absolutely NO redeeming qualities of any kind whatsoever! These bastards and bitches all have a special place for them when they get their fate sealed by the Grim Reaper: HELL!!! SATAN'S AWAITING FOR THEIR SOULS!!!!

(Note: Because this list only applies to completely, utterly, irredeemably evil people getting their comeuppance as said before, please DO NOT add pages that contain deaths of wannabe terrorists, normal jerks, normal racists, normal/video gamer-like perverts, normal cheaters, people normal attackers, bug killers, normal thieves, normal robbers, normal criminals, normal prisoners, normal liars, normal school bullies, normal whiny kids and normal hypocrites, as they are not bad enough to be here.)

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