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"Caulk Blocked", Way to Die #877, is the third death featured in "If You're Dead – Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to You", which aired on January 5, 2011.


A wannabe hip-hop queen and aspiring songwriter named Tina gets buttock implants to get the attention of a male rapper named Little Ron who prefers women with big butts (and has dedicated a hit song to those kind of women). However, the surgeon she hired was a fraud, and her "cheek" implants were made of common bathroom caulk instead of medical-grade silicone. Her new butt gained the attention of Little Ron, but she had no time to party and dance with him. The syringe the surgeon used accidentally hit an artery and sent the caulk into her circulatory system where it clogged her heart and led to cardiac arrest, causing her to collapse and die on the dance floor, leaving the other clubbers bummed and horrified.

"Little Ron was on her like white on rice. But Tina had no time to wag her new butt in victory. She started feeling iller than ill, and in 60 seconds went from bad... to worse... to dropping dead right there on the dance floor."


  • Dr. Marc Kern - Clinical Psychologist

Segment Nickname

  • Ass Full Of Caulk (Spike TV website)
  • Caulk‘s Revenge
  • Butt Stoned

Segment Description

Description as seen on the Spike TV website

  • "A girl dies from her faulty ass implants."


  • In the German version, Tina's butt needs to have a butt like Jennifer Lopez (Beyonce in the USA version).
  • This death which that narrator described themselves during the CGI.
  • Another fake doctor incident involves botox. See "Way to Die #652".