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"Chef Boy-R-Dead" (a.k.a. "Et Tu Fay"), Way to Die #512, is the second death featured in "Getting A Rise From The Dead", which aired on February 16, 2011.


A sous-chef named Faye (portrayed by Jayme Lake) earns the trust of the commanding chef in charge, Jacques. However, Faye's motive is to steal Jacques' PDA, which contains all of his recipes so that she can branch out on her own. One night, as Jacques goes to leave, Faye bumps into him and pulls the PDA out of his pocket without him noticing and promptly tells him goodnight. While writing down as many recipes as she can, she stops as she hears Jacques return and hides inside of the restaurant's dishwasher. Jacques promptly takes the PDA and leaves, completely clueless as to what happened. The dishwasher comes in and thinking there is a dirty load inside, he activates the machine. The hot water scalds Faye's skin and also burns her organs as it enters the inside of her body. The next morning, Jacques and the dishwasher discover Faye's dead body.

"The next morning, they discovered... Faye had overcooked... herself."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Jayme Lake - Faye (lead:intended victim)
  • Gerold Wunstel - Jacques (lead)
  • Raphael Gabon - Private Chef
  • Dr. Michael Kurtz - Family & Sport Medicine


  • In 2004, Tracy J. Kraling was killed at Regions Hospital in Minnesota after entering a walk-in autoclave. The door closed while she was inside, and the machine automatically started, scalding her with 180 °F (82 °C) water. Link: https://journals.lww.com/jcejournal/Citation/2005/01000/Large_Laboratory_Sterilizer_Scalds_Technician_to.4.aspx
  • The word "hell's kitchen" on the doggerel quote might be taken from New York City's district Hell's Kitchen or the TV show Hell's Kitchen.
  • For some reason, in the Latin American version, it doesn't sound the music in the recap and the death card at the end of the death.

Foreign names

  • Le lave-vaisselle de la mort (The dishwasher of death) - French dub
  • Cocinera Cocida (Cooked Chef) - Latin American dub
  • Cocidito de Chef (Chef Beef) - Spanish dub
  • Faye's cooked body.

    Faye's Final Moments

    A pokol vize (The Hell's Water) - Hungarian dub