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"Chicken Boned", Way To Die #917, is the fifth death to be featured on "Deadliest Kitsch", which aired on October 24, 2011.


3 youthful teenagers are killing time, standing next to a pickup-truck, behind a building, bored. When one of them, Seth, finds something for them to do, Chicken, which is when two or more people, usually males, do something dangerous, until one of them quits. They start of by squirting hot sauce in their eyes. Next they have un-powered jumper cables attached to their nipples. Finally, in the final round, Seth pulls out a pair of M80 firecrackers. Seth and his friend put them in their mouths while another guy lights the fuses. The two stare fiercely at each other, until the other guy backs down and spits out the firecracker, and Seth wins. In his excitement, he raises his head and loosens his jaw, causing his firecracker to fall down his throat. A moment later, the firecracker explodes inside his neck blowing out his larynx, and rendering his windpipe useless. The explosion also destroyed the important blood vessels in his neck. To sum it up, Seth's neck was completely destroyed. Inevitably, he collapsed and died. He drowned from his lungs filling up with his own blood, causing him to die in minutes. Seth thought his death would never, ever happen, but it turns out, it was just around the corner.

"Hey Seth, have you ever heard of a pyrrhic victory? It's where you win the battle, but lose the war."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Dr. Greg Cason - Psychologist
  • Bear Badeaux - Seth (lead: intended victim)
  • Dr. Vyshali Rao - Cardiologist


  • This death could have the youngest person to have died on this show, but it didn't say an actual age. You've Got Dead Male, Pained Gun and Bot-ily Harm are other candidates.
  • Also called "Chicken Brittle" on the Spike TV website.

Foreign names

  • Gallina Degollada (Decapitated Hen) - Latin American dub

Seth Bored.

Seth And His Friends Ready To Put Hot Sauce In THier Eyes.PNG