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"Clay Achin'", Way to Die #243, is the second death to be featured in "Fatal Distractions", which aired on October 5, 2010.


A couple of stoners, Joe and Charlie, created a bong out of clay, the Claymaker 420. Along with using weed and smoke, they used flavor disks to flavor the weed; chopped bacon, coffee-dipped paper, orange peels, any flavor. After they finished their creation, all they had to do was to bake it into a kiln. Their female friend had one in her backyard, and she put the bong in the kiln. After she turned on the propane, all three of them smoke cannabis. Over time, Joe and Charlie went to see how the kiln was doing. After noticing that the kiln's flame was out, all they had to do was to light a match to warm it up. Instead, the lit up match turns the bong into a bomb, and turns the clay into deadly shrapnel, and the resulting explosion kills the two stoners. Their female friend was not only shocked and a little scared, but also a little bummed.

"After a wasted while, the two stoners went to check on their creation. The makeshift kiln had flamed out. Nothing a lit match couldn't fix. Their invention went from bong...to bomb."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Brent Holloway - Charlie (lead: intended victim)
  • Chris Nunez - Joe (lead: intended victim)
  • Katy Foley - Charlie and Joe's friend (lead)
  • N.J. Weedman - Himself (Cannabis Connoisseur)
  • Rick Hernandez - Himself (Propane Expert)


  • The "Claymaker 420" was named after the national day, April 20, or also known as 4/20, which is the day for smoking.
  • Cast Brent Holloway name may be based on Brent Christensen
  • Cast Chris Nunez name may be based on Chris Ramirez
  • This may of been based on the death of Peirce Bishop, a 20 year old stoner.
  • The death card doesn't play the usual sound other cards use once the words get on there, same for the transition to the inbetween.
    • Similarly, the first half of Pop and Lox's death card is muted, but the second half is played fine and the transition plays normally.

Foreign names

  • Dolor de Arcilla (Clay Pain) - Latin American dub
  • Explosión de Arcilla (Clay Explosion) - Spanish dub
  • bongada (Bonged) - Brazilian dub

The Claymaker 420.

It is warm now.