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"Cleane-Dead Solution", Way to Die #308, is the eight and Extra to be featured in "Bringing in the Dead", which aired on January 6, 2010.


Mary's husband Carl uses her in an abusive relationship as a form of cleaning the house from day to day. She eventually has had enough of Carl and tells him that she's getting a divorce when he comes home drunk again. Carl doesn't like the idea of a divorce at all and charges at Mary. However, the wet floor causes him to slip and land on the dishwasher, in which a knife is placed with the blade up and goes through his heart, killing him instantaneously and sending him to Hell where he belongs, much to the relief of Mary.


  • Alex Katehakis - Psychotherapist


  • The CGI is similar to the CGI used in A Turn For The Purse.
  • this happened to a woman in 2003
  • The alternate name of this death is Back Stabbed, however, the circumstance in (practical) Back Stabbed is different and this one does not take place in Medieval Viking times.
  • This death is similar to Signed Out, only the victim in that death was lazy, beat himself up, rolled on a gurney, and got stabbed the stomach, not the heart, and landed on a sign, not on the sharp edge of a dishwasher. However, both victims didn't want a divorce.

1000 Ways To Die -308 Cleane-Dëad Solution (German Version)

Date and Location in English Version. (Custom Made)

Foreign Names

  • Saubere Lösung (Clean-Dead Solution) - German dub

Segment Nicknames