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"Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain", Way To Die #368, is the second death featured in "Better Them Than Us", which aired on March 16, 2011.


A Russian pimp named Dmitri is preparing to leave with one of his prostitutes, Tina and Sasha. Sasha gets in the car, but locks herself inside when the car is pelted with cement bricks from a failed cloud seeding operation. As Dmitri struggles to get in the car while calling her a bad name, he is hit in the head by a chunk of cement and was killed. The chunk of cement struck Dmitri right through his own head, it cracked his skull, causing a severe head trauma, sending the nasty pimp straight to Hell.

"Dimitri's strange and improvable death proved one thing, even in Moscow: Трудно ... здесь для сутенера. (Translating from Russian to English: It's hard out here for a pimp)"


  • Sugar Free (Pimp)
  • Robert Fovell (Meteorologist)


Foreign Names

  • Nublado com chances de pancadas fortes (Cloudy with a chance of heavy hits) cielos nubosos riesgo de dolor (cloudy skies risk of pain) Spainsh Dub
  • Nublado com possibilidades de pancadas fortes (Cloudy with a possibility of heavy hits) Brazilian dub


  • Dimitri was hit in the back of the head, but the impact wound is shown near the front of his head.

Segment Nicknames

  • Rock Bottom (Spike TV)
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