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"I'M COVERED IN ASS BLOOD!!!" - Mike, 1995

"Colon-gross-opy", Way to Die #730, is the seventh and last death featured in "Dirt Nap", which aired on November 7, 2011.


Roommates Sandra (Anne McDaniels), Mike and Jeff have passed time away with contests, from beer-bonging and burping to nitrous-sucking. Sandra, who grew up with her three older brothers, is the most-competitive. However, she always ends up losing to Mike and Jeff lately. One day, a farting contest is announced. Mike and Jeff are out to buy beans and broccoli for the event. Sandra, thinking up a plan to cheat, sticks the tip from an unused whipped cream can, left over from the "whip it" contest, up her colon to blow the compressive gas. However, her plan backfires when the nitrous oxide gas from the can causes quick freezing and immediate necrosis of her intestinal tissue, resulting in swelling and massive hemorrhaging. Holding on to her stomach, Sandra dies on the couch, with her colon spewing blood on her coming-back horrified roommates. Mike is left "COVERED IN ASS BLOOD!"

"Today, Sandra wasn't going to leave anything to chance when the inevitable farting contest arose. She had a sure fire plan to blow these boys away. While her roommates were out buying fart-inducing beans and broccoli, Sandra got busy with a leftover from the 'Whip It' contest, an unused can of whipped cream. Her idea was to blow the compressive gas up her colon, then, when the time came, she'd rattle the rafters. She gassed up and then backfired."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Anne McDaniels - Sandra (lead: intended victim)
  • Brent Chase - Mike (lead)
  • Jesse Welch - Jeff (lead)
  • Rhonda Fenn - Herself (Sex Therapist)
  • Dr. Boyd Flinders - Himself (Surgeon)


  • This is similar to an incident with a teen whip making

Segment Nicknames

  • Colon Gross (on Spike TV)
  • Gross Anatomy
  • Farting Restrictions

    Brent Chase (Mike) and Anne McDaniels (Sandra)