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An overweight ballroom dancer uses a corset to make himself look skinny.

"Corset Killed Him", Way to Die #578, is the fourth death featured in "Sudden Death", which aired on December 22, 2010.


An arrogant, ill-tempered, overweight, doughnut-eating ballroom dancer named Esteban uses a corset to make himself look skinny, but laces it too tight. He dances with Yolanda. After many failed attempts, Esteban starts a row with Yolanda, and eventually, she is sick and tired of him. This causes her to leave Esteban speechless. You may think that he was at a loss for words but that's not why. Esteban couldn't breathe. The corset compresses his chest and fractures one of his ribs so that it punctures his heart, causing internal bleeding and cardiac arrest, killing him by the time he collapses onto the floor.

"It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what happens when a blowhard like Esteban runs out of air. He dies!"

Segment Description

Description as seen on Spike TV (now Paramount Network) website

  • "A chubby tango dancer wears an extremely tight corset. Unable to breathe, he falls and cracks one of his ribs, which punctures his heart."

Alternative Name

  • Also known as "Of Corset Kills" on the Spike TV (now Paramount Network) website


  • The Spike TV website description makes a mistake when it says that it was the fall that killed Esteban, when in reality, he was dead before hitting the floor and it was the corset that broke his ribs and punctured his heart.

Segment Nicknames

  • Of Corset Kills (Spike TV)
  • Corset Kills

Foreign names

  • Morir Encorsetado (Die in a Corset) - Latin American and Spanish dubs