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Death Trials

Way To Die #62 - Bed-Dead

Date: March 21, 2003 Location: Orlando, FL

A thief named Lazlo known for a string of murders robs a grocery store cashier blind but gets caught. He tries to find a place to hide. He tried to hide behind a tree, but he was too big. He tried hiding behind a rock but that was too small for him as well. He finds many places to hide but none of them were the right hiding spot for him. Lazlo sees a room just big enough to hide him. He goes in, but when the cops find him, he's dead. Why? When Lazlo entered the room, he triggered a security system and it would kill any intruders that came in. Lazlo was too smart for that, but when he hopped into the bed of the room to rest, the security system tore his insides out, breaking his bones, taking out his arteries, and finally his heart, killing him.

"They say there's no greater challenge than this, but all Lazlo cared about was his gold. If he had any compassion, he wouldn't have been...put to rest."

Way To Die #225 - Cliffed

Date: April 13, 2004 Location: Tuskegee, AZ

Marco, a 43-year-old racer is training for his last race ever. He hopes that this race will be an asset to his retirement. As he is training, he runs up and down the bleachers at a park, goes for a run every day, and eats vegetables for a week. But there is a catch to Marco's training routine....he injects himself with steroids to keep him pumped. Little does he know, his heart is slowing down. He wins the race and feels weak inside. And what he also doesn't know, he's on the edge of a 54 foot cliff. When his weakness gets worse, he stumbles across the cliff and falls off the edge of it and breaks his many his bones on the way down. When his heart stops pumping, he dies before he even his the ground, sending him to Heaven.

"Marco was a champion racer with a bad habit. But his kindness didn't ruin it. In the end, he won the race, but lost the battle...with death."