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"Crib Your Enthusiasm", Way to Die #239, is the fourth death to be featured in "Fatal Distractions", which aired on October 5, 2010.


Is there anything sweeter than welcoming a new life into this world? No, there isn't. And you won't find it on this show. The episode begins where Barnaby is decorating a room getting ready for his first born when really... the baby is Barnaby. He and his wife Candela have done a baby adult role playing for their fetish. One day, Barnaby throws a tantrum after she needs a break, throws his teddy bear out of his crib, and tries to get it back; but instead, because of him shaking the crib too much, the drop side part of the crib fell down onto his neck severing his cervical vertebrae which caused him to lose the ability to control his diaphragm and stops breathing (a real reason why the government outlawed drop side cribs) and no one was there to witness Barnaby's death.

"Barnabys about to demonstrate why the government recently outlawed drop gate cribs"

"Uh oh, the little guy's got an owie. Does baby need a band-aid for his broken neck boo-boo?"

Cast and Interviewees

  • Andy Gates - Barnaby (lead: intended victim)
  • Lorn-Nicole Robinson - Candela (lead)
  • Garran Jones - Himself (Adult Baby)


  • SIDS really stands for "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome".
  • This segment is otherwise known as "Baby Boom".
  • It is based on on the deaths infants by cribs. It was changed to an adult baby.
  • This death was Runner-Up A in the "Worst Pervert" category in the Death By Request: Special episode.
  • the CGI skeleton has a pasifier.
  • mel Brooks dressed as a baby in high anxiety.
  • It is unknown if Candela found out about Barnaby's death.

Foreign names

  • Guillotina Infantil (Kiddie Guillotine) - Latin American dub
  • Adulto Acunado (Cribbed Adult) - Spanish dub
  • perversão vem do berço (perversion comes from the crib) - Brazilian dub