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"Cult Evaded", Way to Die #310, is the fourth death to be featured in "Gratefully Dead", which aired on January 13, 2010.


Teenager Stacy lived in foster homes for most of her life, until she is taken in by Roman and Minnie, an excessively devout and extremist Christian couple. Unfortunately, they are quickly convinced that she is possessed by the Devil due to her tattoos, piercings, dark make-up, and interest in the Goth subculture (including having a Goth boyfriend).

Roman and Minnie decide to "cleanse" Stacy via exorcism. They invite two friends from their church to participate in the ritual and tie her to the ground inside an enclosed tent. For the ritual, they burn large amounts of coal and incense in order to rid the alleged demons. Stacy keeps her cool, and states that she wants to go to the mall. The fanatics state that:


In a twist of faith, however, the exorcism goes horribly wrong, as the coal and incense create more smoke inside the tent. The combination of carbon monoxide from the coal and Benzopyrene from the incense causes everyone to suffocate and die. Stacy, however, survives, as she had a layer of fresh air above her due to being extremely low to the ground. She unties herself and joyfully heads off to the mall, relieved and happy over their deaths as Roman, Minnie and their two dead friends go to Hell for their sins.

"The cultists burnt a lot of coal and incense inside a tent with no ventilation. Bad idea."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Sarah Aurmingtin - Stacey (lead)
  • Dave Vescio - Religious Fanatic (uncreditied/lead: intended victim)
  • Dr. Franklin Ruehl - Deathologist
  • Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael - Neurologist