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"Dead Light Green Light", Way to Die #944, is the sixth death featured in "Death – Putting The "Fun" In "Funeral", which aired on February 22, 2012.


Steve (Art Roberts) is a scalper who sells tickets for sporting events, and also a con artist; unbeknownst to his patrons, the tickets are counterfeit, allowing him to easily rip them off of their money. When a man has his fake ticket identified as fake, and is ordered to the back of the line, he confronts Steve in anger, shouting at him that he's going to kick his butt. This is why Steve shouldn't be busy counting his money. Attempting to make a run for it, he hits the walk button to get across a busy street, but ends up being hit by a car, despite the signal saying walk. What Steve didn't realize was that a slug crawled into the electrical box controlling the traffic lights and its' slimy body shorted out the circuits. So when the light read "walk" for Steve, it also read green for traffic. Steve dies from massive internal bleeding due to his rib cage being broken and his lungs being punctured, and he was dead by the time he hit the asphalt, sending the scalper-like con artist to Hell as he deserves.


  • Ron Koblin - Ticket Scalper
  • Gary Hauffman - Civil Engineer


  • Factual Error: While it is possible for an electric box to be shorted out a fast-moving liquid (such as water) due to its low viscosity, slug slime, on the other hand, is too thick and has high viscosity. Therefore, it should not have shorted out the electric box. However Gary Hauffman explain that not only the electric box can get a shortcut by a fast-moving liquid also if the box is irregularly open by insects or small animals.
  • Anachronism : Steve was ran over by A 2007 Jeep Wrangler. The SUV was introduced a year after the death was happened.


  • this is based on a hit and run

Segment Nicknames

  • The Traffic of Terror
  • Scalped
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