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"Dead me Stallion!", Way to Die #568, is the eighth and final segment featured in the Episode "Dead on Dead" that was aired on February 24, 2010.


Deniece hasn't seen her best friend Charline in a long time, so she spends some time with her. Since Deniece is interested in horses, they went to a barn. While checking out the horses, she tells Charline that she's done with her boyfriend Rob. His penis was too small, so Deniece asks Charline if she knows someone with a big penis. She comes up with the idea of doing it with a stallion. At first she refuses to do it, but eventually she tries it out. After seconds of the horse riding her, she falls dead on the floor, bringing this unusual one-night stand to a dead stop. Because the horse's penis is 60 centimeters (or about 24 inches) long, it kept damaging the uterus, which is well-supplied with blood, until she succumbed to exsanguination.

Interviews and Cast

  • Aurora Snow - Pornstar
  • Nance Tapley-Peck - Horse Trainer
  • Dr. Lydia Lam - Trauma Surgeon
  • Nicole Remender - Deniece (lead: intended victim)
  • Martha Regensberg - Charline (lead)

Foreign Names

  • Mach mir den Hengst! (Dead me Stallion) - German dub
  • Жылқы жынысы (Horse Sex) - Kazakh dub


  • This Segment is most likely based on the Death of Mr. Hands (Kenneth Pinyan) who died in 2005 after having sex with a Horse.
  • It is the last deleted death of the show.
  • It is also the only deleted death to be shown in a intro.
  • It replaces Tree Mugger.
  • In The Kazakh And Turkmen Version, This Death Happens In 4 June, 1998, And It Takes Place In Riverside, CA.
  • In the German/Italian dubs, this is the final death of Season 2.

Date and Location in English Version. (Custom Made)