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"Dead Mime ☺", Way to Die #211, is the sixth death to be featured in Death Takes A Vacation, which aired on November 14, 2011.


A mime named Marcello liked to harass other people, but they hate him, thinking that it was a scam. He buys a pickle from a nearby stall. When Marcello ate the pickle, he chokes on it to death, possibly due to being mute for a long period of time. When a pedestrian saw Marcello choking, more people, who came towards him, started clapping and laughing, thinking that was part of the act, and nobody was there to help him. Thus, resulting in Marcello’s death due to lack of oxygen from choking on the piece of the pickle that he ate, sending him straight to Hell and putting his mean and harassing antics to an end.

"Like all mimes, Marcello made no money. All he had to eat was one dill pickle. Now what? He's choking. People are laughing. The audience loves it. Maybe he's onto something. Mmmmmmaybe not."

Cast and Interviewees

  • Wesam Keesh - Marcello the Mime (lead:intended victim)
  • Tim Pool - Pedestrian
  • Dr.Lando Woodly - Psyschologist
  • David Svoboda - EMT


8966922 origisn.jpg
  • This is a similar death to The Chokes On You as both victims are comedians and both choked on something they were using. However, the victim in this segment was annoying.
  • In the CGI, the pickle in Marcello's throat is doing the stuck in a box bit.
  • This is the only death with an emoji.
  • Ironically, this death is similar to Mime's from the Happy Tree Friends episode, Happy Trails Pt. 1, where he chokes to death on a peanut after Lumpy hits a bump on the road.
  • This is similar to the death of Tommy Cooper.
  • This is the only segment that mentioned another TV channel, PBS in this case.

Foreign names

  • Mimo Muerto☺ - Latin American and Spanish dubs