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Way to Die #614
"Dead On Arrival"
Name of the death is a pun on the phrase "dead on arrival"
Dead On Arrival.png
"Garcia was a drug smuggler who wanted the whole world to trip out on his homemade LSD, but then he screwed up. And wound up taking the ultimate trip... Death." (U.S. Version)

"Garcia makes his shirt as he did, he wound up failing the airport contest. Garcia meets the... foam." (U.K Version)

Date November 6, 2002
Location San Francisco, California
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death Takes A Vacation"
"Vat's All Folks"

"Dead On Arrival", Way to Die #614, is the fifth death featured in "Death Takes A Vacation", which aired November 14, 2011.


A drug smuggler named Garcia creates a tie-dyed T-shirt soaked in his homemade LSD with enough to blow the minds of everyone in the State of Oregon, so he can avoid detection at the airport.

"Garcia had yet to board the plane, but his trip has already started"

Garcia gets nervous and begins sweating, causing him to absorb a massive overdose through his skin, resulting in terrifying hallucinations (including a man with a pig's face, an elderly-looking person and a killer clown), his heart raced to 280 beats per minute, his circulatory system soared to the stroke zone, his mind shut down, and he had suffered a heart attack, stroke and fatal hyperthermia, sending the LSD drug smuggler straight to hell.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Pat Well -- Interviewee (Airline Executive)
  • Dr. Faryl Saliman Reingold -- Interviewee (Occupational Therapist)

Segment Nickname

  • Acid Washed (Spike TV)
  • Arrivi-Dosage
  • Tie Die
  • Dead Garcia


  • The CGI graphics show a pinball machine "tilted" (Normally, during computer pinball, "tilts" happen when you play the game too hard.)
  • Franklin Ruehl, who was an interviewee in Reef Stew, Booby-Zapped, and Cult Evaded, makes a cameo when looking at the dead body of Garcia.

Segment Description

  • "A man named Garcia dies after getting poisoned with a chemical on his clothes." (German Version)