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Dead and Deader

"1000 Ways to Die" Episode 5.

Originally aired February 15, 2009.

Title reference: Spoofs the 1994 movie title Dumb and Dumber

Note: This is the second episode not to feature the death of a female.

-- This is the Original Episode --

A junkie who loved injury / a man who loves women, not the toilet / a man who knew guns were dangerous / a man gets the alcohol down his liver / a man who loves javelin gets poked / a man gets rubbered out


Way to Die #504

On March 13, 2005, at House of Steel, in Long Beach, CA. An adrenaline junkie working at a metal shop connects a welder to his ear piercings to administer an electric shock and adrenaline rush. He turns the voltage on the welder to the maximum setting, and the electricity disrupts his natural electrical rhythms, causing cardiac arrest and killing him.

Trailer Trashed

Way to Die #230

On May 1, 1979, at Roger's RV Park, in Aberdeen, SD. A newly married man attempts to unclog his new RV's toilet with bleach since other attempts to unclog it are unsuccessful. The bleach reacts with the sewage to form chlorine gas, which suffocates him.

Trivia: This segment has also been used for "Top 100 Deaths".

Nite Capped

Way to Die #171

On December 31, 2003, at Echo Park, in Los Angeles, CA. A group of revelers celebrate New Year's Eve by shooting a stray bullet into the air. Unfortunately, the bullet comes back down and hits a man in the shoulder several miles away. The bullet goes through his shoulder and pierces his heart, killing him.

Sh*t Faced

Way to Die #385

On September 19, 1983, at Dunkeler's Home, in Sparta, KY. An alcoholic recovering from throat surgery asks his wife to give him an enema consisting of sherry. The alcohol bypasses his digestive tract and is absorbed directly into his bloodstream unfiltered by the liver, causing alcohol poisoning and he later dies.

Alt names - Alcohol Victimized

Dead Eye

Way to Die #197

On May 15, 1993, at Milhouse High, in Glendale, CA. A high school physical education teacher demonstrates the javelin and makes an impressive throw. Running to retrieve the javelin, he turns around and yells to the class, only to impale himself through the eye on the javelin when he turns back around, driving it into his brain.

Trivia: This segment has also been used for "Death By Request -- Award Winner".


Way to Die #319

On February 27, 2006, at The Kitty Patch, in Tonopah, NV. A 32-year-old virgin goes to a prostibule looking to have sex with a hooker, and chooses between a Pocahontas-like prostitute and a hooker in a French Maid outfit, until he is chosen by a dominatrix, who makes him wear a latex suit and a ball gag as she ispunishing him by whipping him with a riding crop. The man soon has an allergic reaction to the latex suit (which he was unaware he had), and to his bad luck, his cries of distress were muffled by the ball gag and the dominatrix thought he was groaning from pleasure, not pain. The allergy only gets worse, and the man dies from a fatal anaphylactic shock.

Alt names - Rubbered Out

Note: This is the first death on the show with an alternate title.

Trivia: This segment has also been used for "Top 100 Deaths".

My Will be done-immediately!

Way to Die #93

On March 4, 1998, a retired man suffers an unexpected fatal Heart Attack while spending Time with his Friends and Wife at a Club.

(Not shown in the US)

Escape Death Segment 5

See the chart about Escaped Deaths.

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