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"Deaf Jammed", Way To Die #130, is the fourth death to be aired on "If You're Dead – Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to You" which aired on January 5th 2011.


Mickey was a carjacker. But even worse, he only targeted women and he didn't care if they were pregnant or disabled. This despicable scumbag was stalking a woman walking to her car alone. She got in her car and was about to shut the back window. Mickey saw a chance to make his move. He poked his head and left arm through the window, but before he could pull the car door lock, the automatic glass window closed on his neck, crushing his windpipe and stopping his ability to breathe. The woman drove off with Mickey hitching a ride. His painful gasps for help were heard by no one because the driver is a deaf woman. A mile later and a couple of minutes without air left Mickey unconscious. The driver, oblivious to his presence, finally looked in the mirror and saw Mickey's head sticking out the window. She rolled down the window and Mickey dropped dead on the road, sending him to hell where he belongs.

"Five blocks later, by the time the driver realized she had an uninvited passenger, Mickey's brain was completely drained of blood...and Mickey was roadkill."

Interviewees and Cast

  • Richard Lichten - Retired Police Officer
  • Jason Romero - EMT
  • Chris McLaughlin - Mickey (lead:intended victim, Also Portrayed Ron in Bitch Zapped and Mikey in A Turn For The Purse)


  • Also called "Wind-Owned" (not to be confused with Sky Scraped's nickname) on the Spike TV website.
  • This death takes place in 2003 in the English edition, but it takes place in 2008 in the German edition (this is likely to correct the goof of a 2008 Mercedes-Benz).


  • Anachronism: While it was set on 2003, A 2008 Mercedes-Benz C Class (W204) was featured
  • Crew or Equipment Visible: Mickey carjacks a woman by reaching for the door lock through the open window and then threatening her with a gun; one shot of the ajar front car door reflects the boom microphone for a split second.
  • Crew or Equipment Visible: The cameraman is reflected in some shots.

Segment Nicknames

  • Wind-Owned (Spike TV)
    Deaf Jammed.jpg