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"Deep Fried", Way to Die #610, is the first death to be featured in "Death Gets Busy", which aired on February 22, 2009.


It's not hard to figure out how Angry Ed got his nickname. Here's his story:

He occasionally got angry at the traffic on the highway, which is normal for him to get mad at traffic. His lunch included a can of cola, but Ed accidentally spills it on his sandwich, so he smashed the sandwich with his soda and threw them onto the floor in a fit of rage.

There honestly almost wasn't anything that didn't make Ed see red. One day at work, he was busy working on a sheet of metal, but he accidentally smashed his thumb with a hammer and he got angry at himself for this mistake. At his work, his employees thought Ed's anger was a running joke. But his foreman noticed his outburst, and decided that the joke had run thin.

Believing that Ed's outbursts at work could cause potential harm, or even death to the other workers, the foreman fires Ed. Of course, Ed got angry at this. In fact, getting fired turned Ed into a heat-seeking anger missile. Before he left, Ed decided to give the foreman a piece of his mind. He notices the foreman working on a vat of hydrochloric acid, and wanting to get revenge.

"Ed goes hand to hand and wounds up taking a bath... in a tub of hydrochloric acid."

The foreman, in self defense, accidentally shoves Ed into the vat. The acid immediately burns his skin, fries his eyeballs, and pours into his wide open mouth. Once the acid was inside his body, it destroys his major organs, including the heart, lungs and intestines within seconds, killing Angry Ed and putting an end to his uncontrollable outbursts, once and for all.


  • Danielle Jagoda - Psychotherapist
  • Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan - Physical Medicine & Rehab
  • Brandon Clayton - Ed (lead: intended victim)


  • It is based on the death of 18 year old Fernando Jimenez Gonzalez.
  • It's unknown where the foreman went after Ed's demise.


  • Plot Hole: The CGI animation showed that the acid dissolved Ed's organs and body. But after Ed passes out on the live-action filming, it shows his body all in one piece, making it confusing to fans how he died.

Segment Nicknames

  • Acid Bath
  • Deep Fried Bastard (Spike TV)

Foreign names

  • Bien Frito (Well Fried) - Latin American dub
  • Frito en Abundante Ácido (Fried in Plenty of Acid) - Spanish dub
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