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"Die-Agra", Way to Die #186, is the seventh and last death featured in "Death Bites!", which has been originally aired December 9, 2009.


Cole was at his house trying to have sex with his mistress. He was given 3 pills of Viagra and put into his beer by his wife Janine, who's in failing marriage. Then Cole had 3 of his own. Then after, he gets a call from his mistress, who gave him 3 more prior to his arrival. Before we go any further, let's do the math. Cole was given 3 pills of Viagra by Janine. Then had 3 of his own. Then after, Cole's mistress gave him 3 more. So that's 9 times the recommended dose. During sex, too much blood races through Cole's system resulting in a fatal heart attack and he falls on his mistress.

"In one glorious burst of passion, Cole had come...and gone."

Segment Nickname

  • Too Much Medication


  • The tape transition that appears usually the end of the segment doesn't appear, and instead cuts to black. This also happens in Dead Meat-Eorite and Boris Bititoff.
  • There was no recap at the end of the death.


  • Cole's mobile phone is a Blackberry, which did not exist until 2008.
  • Cole and his mistress were clearly on the edge of the bed when having sex, but when Cole collapses, they are on the side of the bed.

Foreign names

  • Sexo Letal (Lethal Sex) - Latin American dub
  • De corrida (On a run) - Spanish dub