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"Die-drant", Way to Die #506, is the fifth death to be featured in "The End is Weird", which aired on October 19, 2010.


He was born with all his fingers and toes, he wasn't dropped on his head as a baby, but for reasons even his parents can't fathom, Benny grew up to be the biggest asshole on the block. Benny was a 26-year-old man with the mentality of a 14-year-old who loved to play incredibly dangerous and immature pranks on his neighbors, whether it was putting sugar in the gas tank of someone's car or spreading a neighbor's front porch with oil. However one day, wanted to cause a wreck by flashing a mirror at people who dare to drive down his street. He blasted one car with the mirror and the car hit the fire hydrant. Benny got his wish, but unfortunately for him, Lady Karma had also decided that today was the day he finally got what was coming to him; the hydrant flew towards Benny and struck him in the head with a devastating amount of force, completely shattering his skull, killing him within seconds and sending the psychopathic manchild down to hell where he belongs.

"The mirror was stupid fun for this crapulous creep. But what Benny really wanted was to cause a wreck. He angled the mirror just right. The blinding light hit the perfect spot, and Benny finally got his wish, or....he finally got what was coming to him."


  • Dr. Vahe Ghazikhanian - Nuclear Physicist
  • Dr. Reza Jamehdor - E.R. Physician
  • Jerron Snader - Benny (lead: intended victim)